Exclusive: Filipina Swimmer, Remedy Rule, Shares How She Prepares For The Tokyo Olympics

Exclusive: Filipina Swimmer, Remedy Rule, Shares How She Prepares For The Tokyo Olympics


Remedy Rule gives us a glimpse of her life and her sacrifices as a swimmer

Less than two weeks before Remedy Rule flies to Tokyo for the Olympics alongside teammate Luke Gebbi, the 24-year-old is keen to prioritize her psychological well-being alongside her physical prowess in preparation for the biggest competition of her life.

Remedy Rule (photo: Jack Spitser)

A woman of substance and heart, Remedy uses her platform to show awareness and support to causes that matter like the Black Lives Matter movement, sustainable fashion, and educating people on how to take better care for the environment in a fun way through her Tiktok videos. Know more about this fun-loving athlete in her exclusive interview with MEGA.

How does it feel being one of the 19 Filipinos who will fight in the Tokyo Olympics?

I feel honored. It’s been a privilege representing the Philippines at the 2019 FINA World Champs and the 2019 SEA Games and I am thrilled to represent my country once again in Tokyo. It’ll be special having elite Filipino athletes from other sports with me in our fight for greatness. 

As an athlete, can you share with us some of the sacrifices you have to make in order to achieve your goals?

It’s not just the time I am actually exercising that is dedicated to swimming—I make choices based on swimming as well. I focus on getting the right nutrition as an athlete even if I go out to eat. I do my best to prioritize sleep with naps and getting into bed between 9 and 10PM. I don’t plan weekends away, holidays or vacations often and when I do, I make sure I have a place to train.

How are you training right now for the Tokyo Olympics?

The physical part hasn’t changed too much, mainly fine tuning technique and increasing recovery. I’ve been focusing on the mental game going into Tokyo. In high pressure situations, I am going to have some fears and doubts—that’s normal. What I have to do then is acknowledge those fears and doubts and refocus on what I do well and what I can control. I will give my best and I can control my effort and attitude. 

Do you still have a life outside sports? What do you usually do when you’re not training?

Surprisingly, yes! Making time outside of swimming that brings me joy actually helps me swim faster (and makes me happier). I am passionate about the environment— I’m enrolled in graduate school for Tropical Marine Ecosystem Management in the fall. I love outdoor activities like paddle boarding or yoga. I’m a foodie, I love trying different food places. And all these things are made better when shared with good friends. 

What is your mindset going into the competition? Who or what inspires you to achieve your goal?

I want to finish my races knowing I gave it my all, that I did my best, enjoyed racing at the pinnacle of my sport, and made my country, the Philippines, proud. I am motivated by my desire to reach my maximum potential as a swimmer and as a person. I love swimming and I love competing. 

The people in swimming inspire me—my coaches, my teammates, and my friends/competitors on different teams. 

When I was ten years old, a new club coach Ryan Sprang came through my club team and inspired me to commit to swimming. Norm Wright was my coach from 14-18 and he showed me what was possible—bringing me to meet with some of the best swimmers in the world and showing I wasn’t so different from them.

At the University of Texas, Carol Capitani and Roric Fink believed in me and helped me become the best swimmer and best version of myself. The Texas team has become my family and my home. Tita Lani Velasco also believed in me and gave me the opportunity to represent the Philippines. I have loved every chance I have gotten to represent the Philippines and all the amazing people I have been able to meet through it. Thrilled to represent the Philippines at the Olympics with my good teammate and friend Luke Gebbie!


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