EXCLUSIVE: INKED By Lala Flores Is More Than A Beauty Studio, It’s A Second Chance

EXCLUSIVE: INKED By Lala Flores Is More Than A Beauty Studio, It’s A Second Chance


In an exclusive interview, makeup artist and entrepreneur Lala Flores talks about the transformative power of semi- permanent makeup

From being a 90s top model to a highly sought-after makeup artist, Lala Flores has ventured into the next phase of her beauty career: Semi-permanent makeup. This new business venture takes the form of INKED by Lala Flores, a beauty studio and brand-new beacon of transformative beauty. This studio offers services for three facial features so far: Eyebrows, lips, and eyes. For more information on the studio, semi-permanent makeup, and the woman behind it all, read ahead for our rundown.

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Lala Flores

Her next move

The one thing you need to know about Lala Flores is that she genuinely wants to make the world a more beautiful place. Going from a model to a makeup artist, and now a cosmetic tattoo artist, it’s clear to see that her passion has always been in beauty. After all, she’s been in the business of makeup for 25 years. Prior to that, she was a model for 11 years. When we asked if INKED was something she always had in mind for her career trajectory, she told us the story of perseverance and passion amidst the global COVID-19 pandemic.

She mentions that after so long in the business, her health suffered from the hustle and bustle of it all. The pandemic forced her to come face to face with this truth, so she considered an early retirement to cap off her career. However, she was not satisfied with that ending, and then, serendipity struck. The chance to study microblading was brought to her attention, and she took that chance. “How about that for perfect timing?,” Lala says.

Flores underwent professional training before opening up her own studio
The makeup artist’s first venture into semi-permanent makeup is microblading

According to her, it all somehow clicked into place. With a genuine interest in the art of semi-permanent makeup, she sought further education from masters all over the world—and it all snowballed from there. For Lala, her cosmetic studio came together naturally due to her love for beauty. But, beyond that, it’s her way of making her beauty career more sustainable, as it’s a chance to slow down in the face of her previous health concerns.

A healing process

INKED by Lala Flores is the culmination of the artist’s personal relationship with all things beauty, but it also means a significant amount to the clients who seek her out. That’s because semi-permanent makeup has the opportunity to not just transform, but restore.

Lala Flores with MEGA Sr. Fashion Director Kat Cruz-Villanueva

In her interview with MEGA, Lala shares the inspiring story of how she helped her friend through a difficult time. Her friend was diagnosed with breast cancer and was seeking chemotherapy. In this period, she came to Lala for the microblading service. Lala felt this was a huge responsibility to undertake, so she stayed up all night, practicing her strokes, to make sure she was ready. After it all, she notes that even her friend’s husband was surprised by the results, remarking on how natural his wife’s new eyebrows looked.

“I think this is the answer to my prayers because I can help my friends. I can serve a different purpose.”

Lala Flores on the positive and transformative power of semi-permanent makeup

This served as a reminder to Lala to continue pursuing this new dream of hers. Though it’s called cosmetic tattooing, semi-permanent makeup proves to be not so skin-deep. Done right, it can restore what has been lost, build up one’s confidence, and be the reason for one’s renewed self-love. With the opening of INKED, it serves as Lala’s new home for her passion for the arts as well as a shining beacon of hope for those who need it.

The official studio of INKED by Lala Flores

What you need to know

If you’re interested in getting work done by Lala herself, just know that you’re in good hands. She and her team provide quality service and are ready to walk you through the process so that all your questions are answered and all your doubts are allayed. Not only that, but they will provide the after-care products you will need to ensure the proper healing process.

INKED by Lala Flores prioritizes the comfortability of each client
The beauty studio offers lip blushing which is is a form of semi-permanent tattoo that helps to even out and shape the lips

What are you waiting for? INKED by Lala Flores is open now to receiving clients for lip blushing, eyebrow microblading, and eyeliner tattooing. Notably, these are not meant to completely substitute your makeup routine but to enhance and improve upon what’s already there. Whether you’re a smoker who wants their lips lightened or someone who prefers the simplicity of a shorter, no makeup-makeup routine, INKED by Lala Flores is for you. Just head on over to the studios’ official Instagram page for more information and if you have inquiries.

INKED by Lala Flores is inclusive. So male clients are more than welcome to book a appointment
With lip blushing, you can enjoy a long-lasting vibrant lip color without the need for a lipstick


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