EXCLUSIVE: It’s Vintage Owner Fed Pua on How They Made Vintage Shopping Accessible

EXCLUSIVE: It’s Vintage Owner Fed Pua on How They Made Vintage Shopping Accessible


It’s Vintage founder, Fed Pua, shares why thrifting should be accessible and fun for everyone at any age

If we were to rank the top activities Gen Z’s would often indulge themselves in, thrifting would probably be included in the top five. Whether it’s your neighbourhood ukay-ukay or the occasional pop-up thrift booth, it’s best to assume that a flock of college students or young professionals will make an appearance. 

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Although, there is one store that has become an unofficial flagship thrift store in the world of Gen Z. Because of their curated pieces, from different kinds of denim to statement jackets, It’s Vintage has become a haven for young stylish Filipinos. Fortunately, they opened a new branch in Makati, and we made a quick visit to get to know the person behind it all. 

Fed Pua
It’s Vintage owner Fed Pua strikes a pose

Just around the corner

When you think of thrifting, you would immediately visualize a store amidst the busy streets of the city. The stores have the hustle and bustle vibe to it, and it has its own personality that is already established over the years. Its Vintage owner, Fed Pua, knows this very well as an avid thrifter around the world but he wanted to see if he can add a little twist to the experience.

Fed Pua It's Vintage
MEGAStyle Ambassador Kaira Mack takes a peek outside the dressing room wearing vintage sunglasses

Both branches of It’s Vintage are located in Makati, and we just had to ask why that was their chosen spot. For Pua, he highlights the aura of the city, and how it has its own identity to it. In a sense, he wanted the shop to contribute to that by becoming a neighborhood store. 

“Makati has always been a familiar place, and most of us are based in the area. We eat and drink here when we have the time, and through the store, we want to give that sense of community and uplift the vibe of the city.”

Fed Pua on why they chose Makati for the location of It’s Vintage
It's Vintage
Fed Pua poses amongst the rows of thrifted sports jerseys and polos

This is very much evident with the range of people that pay a visit to the store. Pua shares that you have your occasional hybebeast kids and Y2K girlies going around the shop, and there are instances where kids would drag their parents inside which will lead the adults to actually buying something for themselves in the end. He expresses, “the parents would often think that it’s for the kids, but once you enter, you would know that it really is meant to be for everyone.”

It's Vintage Store
Check out their range of bottoms that includes cargo pants and denim jeans

Behind the curation

If you’re one of the many that has paid a visit to the store, then you’d know that the majority of the pieces are vintage designer clothes. Case in point: there are rows of Ralph Lauren, Yves Saint Laurent, and Versace eyewear lined up on a table when you enter the store.

It's Vintage store
The whole team behind It’s Vintage brings out their A-game for a quick photoshoot

Every inventory of the store goes through a tedious selection between Pua and his friends to make sure that every style is considered in the variety. While that may seem time consuming, the owner shares that it actually feels more like a hangout rather than a job. 

Thrift shopping
It’s Vintage never fails to add in their staple selection of racer-like pieces

Category: Hot take

With the amount of conversations about the perception of thrifting we have nowadays, we asked how Pua felt about it all. Some would say that the prices of thrifted items aren’t friendly to the majority, while others would counter and say it’s reasonable due to the work of curation and sourcing that goes behind it. 

Kaira Mack shows off her vintage Versace shades

As mentioned, Pua is an avid thrift shopper, and he has been to various stores before he even opened It’s Vintage. The first sentiment he expresses is that he hopes people know that there is enough clothes for everyone. Whether you personally go to an ukay-ukay store, or a curated one, there won’t be a decline in secondhand clothes. 

Join in on the trend by grabbing your own vintage denim jeans

One more thing he emphasizes is that they’re more than just housing these clothes, because they are also offering a service. It’s the comfort the place gives you, the convenience of the curated pieces, and the energy the employees give in order to help. From the tiniest of detail to the next batch of clothes, Pua and his team takes everything into consideration to become a place where all is welcomed. 

“The interior, furniture, and music—everything is carefully calculated to give you a good experience.”

Fed Pua shares how It’s Vintage has fostered a inclusive community
Fed Pua gives his own hot take about the current conversation regarding thrift shopping in the local scene

Photography by TIMOTHY DUEÑAS

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