Exclusive: Kyle Cruz and the Youth’s Perspective on Local Streetwear

Exclusive: Kyle Cruz and the Youth’s Perspective on Local Streetwear


After its debut runway collection, CRUZ is ready to reach greater heights. To find out what’s next, we spoke to Creative Director, Kyle Cruz, on the future of the label. 

Not much can say they’ve had a fashion show at 22 years old. On top of that, only a number of people can say they’ve grown a local street brand to popularity at such a young age. When CRUZ started, founder and Creative Director Kyle Cruz only had a big dream in mind. Now, the young designer recently released a 15-piece collection during the CRUZ 001 show at BYS Fashion Week. 

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The collection featured a number of different suits that came in metallics, asymmetrical cuts, tweed, and velvet. He also showcased a few womenswear-focused pieces that would be a first for the androgynous brand. With this collection alone, one can definitely see the new direction CRUZ is taking in the local streetwear scene.

We recently had a one-on-one conversation with the young designer for insights on the youth’s perspective on local streetwear. Continue reading to find out about the inspiration behind CRUZ, as well as Kyle’s vision for his brand.


MEGAStyle: Tell us more about your latest runway collection, CRUZ 001.

Kyle Cruz: CRUZ 001 is a different type of CRUZ. It still submits to our own ways. We still tried to go out of our comfort zones of just sticking to neutral tones. We will be breaking barriers with certain pieces that are labeled just for certain genders. We weren’t the first ones to do it, but I believe having to push for something like this will build a healthier culture within the fashion scene. Pushing for the ethos, “Wear whatever you want to wear.”

MS: What was your inspiration for CRUZ 001?

KC: Lately, inspiration comes from different mixes of colors when I travel. I’ve always stuck to designing pieces that would stick to one tone, but I feel like adding color to life isn’t such a bad thing.

MS: What were the challenges you faced during your first fashion show?

KC: Major challenges that came with my first show was, of course, the lack of experience throughout the whole process. Some pieces were made late, and I was cramming everything last minute. Either way, I thought it went well in the end!

MS: What’s the message you want to relay about the CRUZ brand as per the fashion show?

KC: A message I want to put out is that fashion does not have to be complicated to look good. We can all still stand out without being too loud. I respect maximalism, as style would remain subjective, but the brand will always represent ourselves being true to our DNA.


MS: What’s your vision for the future of local streetwear?

KC: My vision for CRUZ will always be to represent ourselves as a Filipino brand to the world. I’m 22 now and could still say I have a lot of time. But to me, there should not be any single second wasted for the world to know that Filipinos can create as well, and produce pieces just as luxurious or high-end as international brands.

MS: What’s next for the CRUZ brand?

KC: In terms of growth, CRUZ as a brand will always be learning. Learning will forever be a part of us and mastering our craft. Soon, we’ll be on international store shelves beside other luxury brands. Paris, Milan, New York Fashion Week—we’re speaking the words into existence!

Visit CRUZ’s official website, as well as their Facebook and Instagram for more information about their latest collection.

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