EXCLUSIVE: Oliver Moeller Doesn’t Find Time to Stay Fit—He Makes It

EXCLUSIVE: Oliver Moeller Doesn’t Find Time to Stay Fit—He Makes It


In a conversation with MEGA Active, Oliver Moeller shares insights into how he balances the two aspects of his life and reflects on his fitness journey from childhood to adulthood

Oliver Moeller is not your average lawyer—he’s legally ripped. While he dedicates himself to his legal career, he also makes time to pursue his passion for fitness. From swimming lessons to diving trips, Moeller developed a deep appreciation for physical activity. Basketball also played a significant role in his childhood, as he chased his hoop dreams like many Filipino kids. However, it was his struggle with asthma that truly torched his passion for fitness. Encouraged by his family doctor to exercise more, the lawyer embraced physical challenges and found solace in the process. Today, fitness remains an integral part of his life, keeping him in the right headspace and fueling his drive for success.

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Splashing in the Sea, Smashing in the Court

Oliver Moeller’s father kickstarted his love of fitness

It all started with a splash, courtesy of dear old Dad. “My dad taught me how to swim, so my dad would take me on research trips, diving, free diving, snorkeling. So I fell in love with that real quick,” reminisces Moeller, his voice tinged with nostalgia.

But how does he squeeze it all in? Moeller spills his secrets, revealing that juggling a legal career and a love affair with fitness is all about mastering the art of time management.

“I always find time to do something in relation to fitness or sport,” he shares, a hint of determination in his tone. “I always make sure that I wake up early just so that there are a bit more hours in the day. I still want to spend time with my family and friends.”

With his dawn-driven energy and jam-packed schedule, Moeller proves that when it comes to balancing work, workouts, and play, he’s the ultimate multitasking maverick.

Over Doctor’s Orders

Moeller’s asthma diagnosis served as catalyst for strengthening his discipline

Moeller reveals that while some doctors recommended caution and advised him to limit exercise, his parents sought multiple opinions. “A lot of doctors did recommend to take it easy, not exercise too much, not strain myself too much,” he shares. Some doctors said, “Easy does it, champ,” while others chimed in with the classic “Take a break, kiddo.” But his parents weren’t about to let asthma call the shots.

Ultimately, they chose to follow the advice of a doctor who suggested strengthening his lungs through physical activity rather than relying solely on medication. “I’m fortunate enough that my parents sought multiple opinions from different doctors,” Moeller says. Armed with goggles, sneakers, and a basketball, young Moeller took to the pool, pounded the pavement, and dominated the court, proving that even asthma couldn’t outsmart this legal eagle.

Moeller shares the amusing story behind his participation in a bodybuilding competition in Australia in 2019. Initially approached by gym trainers who were starting a coaching business, he was encouraged to join the competition as their first client. Despite initial hesitation, a playful nudge from friends convinced him to give it a try. To everyone’s surprise and even his own, Moeller emerged victorious, flexing his legal muscles in a whole new arena. 

The lawyer won a bodybuilding competition, surprising even himself and his limits

Reflecting on the experience, he sheds light on the diverse perspectives within fitness, from gym grunts to bodybuilding buff and the different bodybuilding diets. Moeller lifts the barbell on the grueling dietary regimen, likening it to a Herculean feat of willpower. 

Contrary to popular belief, those chiseled physiques aren’t sustainable year-round. “The diet was pretty intense. That’s probably the toughest part when it comes to bodybuilding,” he admits. “What I would tell people is what you see on stage might not be what you see every single day with a particular person or competitor.” Next time you see those jaw-dropping stage snaps, remember: what you see isn’t always what you get.

Beyond Billable Hours

Moeller reminds us we can be proactive in our choices

Like the sage of sweat and suits, Moeller offers valuable advice on achieving a healthy work-life balance by emphasizing the importance of prioritizing activities that bring joy and fulfillment. “Make time for the things you love,” he quips, punctuating his advice with a dash of simplicity. He’s all about diving deep into endeavors fueled by internal fire rather than external pressure, serving up a platter of passion and discipline. 

“If you really do love something for reasons that are internal to you and not external, you’re no longer motivating yourself,” he muses. Heed his words by making intentional choices aligned with personal values and interests, where we can proactively carve out time for meaningful pursuits. “By doing that, then, you won’t find time, you’ll make time,” Oliver states proudly.

The 1%

Moeller strives to better himself, even 1% of change

Moeller acknowledges that progress is not always linear and setbacks are inevitable. He finds solace in the variety of activities he pursues, recognizing that when faced with difficulties in one aspect of life, there are always alternative avenues for growth and fulfillment—even if that’s only 1%. “There are ups and downs every day. That’s what I love about doing a lot of things like working out, working on fitness, working on my career,” he reveals. “Sometimes you have a bad day at work, there’s always the gym. Sometimes you have a bad day at the gym, sometimes work works out.” 

The lawyer shares his vision for the future of his fitness journey, expressing a desire to continually broaden his knowledge and enrich his experiences. Having been immersed in fitness since 2007, he understands that his understanding of fitness has evolved, and he remains open to new challenges and opportunities for growth. “I just love moving my body, I love challenging it, I love learning new things, so I just want to try as many sports as I can, be the best that I can be every day and hopefully share it with a lot more people,” he explains.

Oliver Moeller’s dedication and commitment lead him to a path of success

Fitness and health are paramount, a mountain top that’s worth ascending for a lifetime of wellness and vitality. It may have its obstacles, but the view from the summit—feeling strong, vibrant, and alive—is worth the climb. He knows that while the rewards of fitness may not always be immediately apparent, investing in one’s health pays off in the future. Oliver Moeller exemplifies how dedication and commitment lead to success—whether in the courtroom or on the track, time-in and time-out.

Photography ALVIN CHUA


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