Experience the Ultimate Facial that’s Madonna Approved

Experience the Ultimate Facial that’s Madonna Approved


No other 59-year-old pop star looks as good as Madonna. From her toned arms and booty, taut tummy and youthful complexion, the Material Girl is a testament to how eating well, exercising like a beast and taking on lovers decades younger can help in the anti-aging department.

While not everyone has her level of control and ambition, nor access to an army of people whose sole work is to make her look like Madonna every single day, there are some things from her playbook that are doable. Take the Madonna Facial, which is currently available at The Aivee Institute. As a struggling new mom who takes comfort in Cheetos and exercises by breastfeeding my infant at midnight, I am about as far from Madonna in the has-it-together scale, but even I can lie down for 90 minutes to experience this luxurious all-in-one facial. Supposedly one of Ms. Ciccone’s youth-giving secrets, this facial has six components: microdermabrasion, lymphatic drainage, a high pressure oxygen spray, Biosonix Ultrasound, Myolight and a full-spectrum LED panel. Done regularly once a month, it promises to give you smoother, firmer, clearer suppler and brighter skin. After the treatment, which is done by a skilled and well-trained aesthetician at one of The Aivee Institute’s plush treatment rooms, I did see a remarkable difference, and days after I continued to see results. Large pores were more refined, dark spots and under eye circles were noticeably lighter, and my jawline and cheekbones were more defined. People remarked that I looked rested, which as many first time moms know, is virtually impossible. But here I was, looking like I had 8 hours of uninterrupted sleep.

As someone who gets regular facials, I know that each step involved in the facial works—even the LED lights that many people might think is hokey since you don’t feel anything when it’s being done (LED facials helped in reducing cystic acne when I was younger). One wonders why it took so long before someone decided to put it all together in one convenient machine (OxyLight). Was it the pioneering pop star perhaps? That wouldn’t be surprising after all, b*tch, it’s Madonna.

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Experience the Madonna Facial  (starts at P10,000) at The Aivee Institute in Burgos Circle, Taguig. Mobile (917) 728 3838 and Tel (2) 573 1420.

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