MEGA Lookbook: Explore the Chinese New Year Palette for the Year of the Dragon 2024

MEGA Lookbook: Explore the Chinese New Year Palette for the Year of the Dragon 2024


This Chinese New Year, celebrate the Year of the Dragon by unraveling the profound meanings behind these jewel-toned colors through style do’s and don’ts

Red, green, gold, blue, or a certain color of the year? Within the traditions that mark the Chinese New Year, one can’t overlook the significance of color. Each jewel-toned hue carries a profound meaning, especially in the Year of the Dragon. How do the rich Chinese New Year colors naturally enhance style and embody the essence of good fortune? Let this style story imbue the gems of your life.

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Ruby Red

It’s the heartbeat of prosperity. Embrace the fiery essence of ruby red, the undisputed star of Chinese New Year celebrations. Symbolizing luck and joy, this color infuses your wardrobe with positive energy. Whether it’s a glamorous gown or an elegant dress, let ruby red be your statement, radiating confidence and dynamism.

Ruby for luck and joy

However, steer clear of excessively casual attire like sweatpants or overly relaxed outfits when opting for ruby red. This color demands attention and sophistication, so avoid letting it clash with an overly laid-back look. You want that red envelope so might as well look like you deserve it. 

Emerald Green

The lush foliage of a thriving forest, green symbolizes renewal, growth, and harmony. Like the Dragon awakening from its slumber, this color resonates with vitality and harmony, becoming the spirit of rejuvenation. Incorporate emeralds into your attire, be it through accessories or a stunning outfit, and channel the spirit of new beginnings and flourishing opportunities.

Emerald for renewal, growth, and harmony

Exercise caution when incorporating emerald green into your attire, particularly regarding mixing too many colors. While accessories and complementary shades can enhance the overall look, avoid an excessive clash of hues that may dilute the charm of emerald green. Opt for a more restrained color palette to allow the richness of green to shine without overwhelming your ensemble.


The sun may shine, but you shine brighter. As the Year of the Dragon unfolds, deck yourself in gold, embodying the promise of prosperity and good fortune. It’s a wealth of style that’s undeniably rich. Whether it’s a pair of shimmering shoes or a dazzling clutch, let gold accentuate your style. You know what else is gold? Moon cakes. Opulence is next to sustenance.

Gold for prosperity

While gold can undoubtedly accentuate your style, exercise restraint to avoid overdoing it. Resist the temptation to layer too many gold accessories or incorporate excessive shimmer into your outfit, as it may shift from opulence to ostentation. Remember, a touch of gold speaks volumes; too much might drown out the elegance. Opulence is a statement, not a saturation.

Sapphire Blue

Like the serene night sky, sapphire blue adds a touch of tranquility to your Chinese New Year ensemble. Beyond its warm presence, this color symbolizes wisdom and clarity, offering a refuge from the noise and clamor of festivities. Don a sapphire-blue piece to bring a sense of calmness and insight to your celebratory attire.

Sapphire for tranquility and wisdom

Refrain from overshadowing the calming effect of sapphire blue. Avoid combining it with overly vibrant or clashing colors that may disrupt the peaceful aura it imparts. Opt for a more subdued and harmonious color palette to allow the tranquil beauty of sapphire blue to shine without distraction. Remember, subtlety is key to fully embracing the calming spirit of this hue.

Peach Fuzz

For a delightful twist, embrace the soft and subtle charm of peach fuzz. The Color of the Year is a gentle hue that signifies closeness and connection. It makes an ideal addition to your wardrobe, whether it’s a chic scarf, a flowy dress, or a tailored shirt. Let the peach don its magic into your repertoire, becoming the strength of unity.

Peach fuzz for closeness and connection

While incorporating peach fuzz into your wardrobe, be mindful not to dominate your ensemble. Avoid excessive use of this delicate color, as it may diminish the smooth charm it imparts. Add some textured materials, letting peach fuzz complement without distraction. Let the peach work its magic as a whisper of togetherness.

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As you celebrate the Chinese New Year, remember that these colors are not just jewels hung delicately on your décolletage, but conduits of tradition, symbolism, and positive energy. Mix and match these hues like a dragon mastering its dance in the sky. May your outfit roar with prosperity, wisdom, and good fortune, evoking the brilliance of fireworks illuminating the festive night.

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