“Fall In Love” With Louis Vuitton Men’s Spring Summer 2023 Preludes

“Fall In Love” With Louis Vuitton Men’s Spring Summer 2023 Preludes


The first chapter of the Maison’s Spring Summer 2023 Collection reflects a rhythmic duet of fashion and music with its ringing pieces.

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Music and fashion offer us the liberty to dance to the beat of our own drum. While giving us an opportunity to create our identities by mixing and matching clothing articles and moving melodies, they also open us to a world open to expression, freedom, and inclusivity. Unity in diversity.

Hence, the first series of Louis Vuitton Men’s Spring Summer 2023 Pre-Collection pays homage to two messengers who forward social power through their respective fields in fashion and in music—fashion designer Virgil Abloh and disc jockey David Mancuso. Prior to their passing, both Abloh and Mancuso expressed their support for a love that knows no bounds.

The collection— called “Love Saves The Day”—pays homage to its namesake, the DJ’s first Loft party. “The Loft” was the destination for the considered minorities during the 70’s to freely express themselves in the series of underground dance parties held in New York City.

Abloh, who had always been intentional with his sartorial decisions, incorporated the influence of music to the Fall Capsule and curated garments that works for every purpose—a casual trip, a formal event, a work day, or a night out.

“Love Saves The Day” also features the 70’s vibe of bringing forth a cool, elegant style uncompromising of colors, textures, and silhouettes. The warmth that radiated in Mancuso’s gatherings lives on with the use of fleece, moleskin, and flannel fabrics.

The marriage of music and fashion are most evident in the collection’s two elements—the LV monogram in its sound wave reimagining, and the use of matte as the acoustic fabric that absorbs the sounds created by the intricate embossments, Jacquards and embroideries.

Louis Vuitton is located at Greenbelt 3 and The Shoppes at Solaire

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