You Have To See This Fine Jewelry Collection Inspired By History’s Iconic Women

You Have To See This Fine Jewelry Collection Inspired By History’s Iconic Women


One of the most impressive things in the history of fashion is the opulent design of jewelry people wore—and now, you can finally relive it.

Throughout the years, history has seen some fiercely intelligent, powerful and inspirational women. Although for far too long, it only seemed like their contributions to history have been marginalized, diminished, and tossed aside. So it is a breakthrough to finally witness a fine jewelry collection showcasing the brilliant story of some iconic women—whether fiction or non-fiction—who left a mark on the world.

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Leading the charge on creating marvelous jewelry inspired by historic women is none other than Sassi Fine Jewelry. While it literally means (gem)stones in Italian, the label love the double entendre. For them, their clients are just like history’s inspirational women: sassy, confident, smart, lively, and full of spirit. After all, Sassi has an unconventional yet exquisite approach to jewelry design—from incorporating details from the sixth century Byzantine empire to the raw beauty of Greek mythology.


Iaera was one of the gorgeous sea nymph daughters of Nereus. These women accompanied Poseidon, the god of the sea. She and her sisters represent everything that is beautiful about the sea. So to capture the blue color of the sunny Mediterranean, Sassi selected an unpolished sea-blue topaz. The label then combined it with soft hues of rose gold to represent the golden palace of Iaera in the depths of the sea.


One of the most influential empresses of the Roman Empire was Theodora and she inspired the Nika Collection. She was one of the first few women who truly defined the definition of a woman’s courage. When an angry mob attacked the royal palace of Byzantium in 532, Emperor Justinian considered fleeing, but Theodora dissuaded him. She told her husband to face the mob and “nika!” which means win or victory.

This is why it’s only fitting that Empress Theodora was the main inspiration of the collection because of her sassiness, and how she can turn the tables. All Nika medallions combine the intricate gold design with smooth, iridescent mother of pearl. The best part of the medallion? It’s reversible, simple, and stylish. It is perfect to be worn as your personal victory medallions.

The Secret of Berenice

The Egyptian royalty loved gold jewelry and colorful gems. In fact, they ordered explorers to search for new gemstones and deliver them to the royal court. When they found an extraordinary lime-green stone on the island of Zabargad in the Red Sea, Queen Berenice instantly fell in love with it.

Even by candlelight, the beautiful green color shone as bright as during the day, in contrast with the emerald which turns dark. Given its astonishing characteristics for a gem, Sassi opted to combine the green peridot with an intense purple amethyst. Set in warm hues of yellow gold, the Secret of Berenice undoubtedly features what a royal collection looks like—sophisticated, elegant, and breathtakingly beautiful.

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