Wearable Art Is The New Jewelry Trend You Must Try Now

Wearable Art Is The New Jewelry Trend You Must Try Now


Proving that art should not only be showcased in a museum but also be worn, Filipino world-class sculptor Michael Cacnio transforms his sculptures into wearable art.

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Michael Cacnio has been known for creating exquisite brass sculptures that showcase the Filipino culture. And what’s special about this is that his creations never fail to give us nostalgia. Whether from getting sorbetes or playing on the swing back in our younger days, it simply takes us back to those special moments we may have forgotten.

With art meant to resonate with its audience and evoke a sense of emotion, Michael had an ingenious idea of hitting two birds with one stone. In his collaboration with Jesusa “Suzette” Ayson, acclaimed jeweler and founder of JMA Jewelry, Michael is able to produce wearable art.

In order to create such brilliant feat, Suzette and Michael used their own expertise in their respective disciplines—jewelry making and brass sculpting. After all, wearable art jewelry is deeply rooted in sparking emotions among its spectators rather than its status and brand like other conventional forms of jewelry.

According to Michael, he has always dreamt of making the Michael Cacnio piece wearable. “This is a big accomplishment for me as an artist, for Michael Cacnio to be not only identified in the field of sculpting but in jewelry as well,” he revealed.

Held recently at the Manila House, his first-ever joint project with JMA Jewelry titled “Gunita” was finally launched. It featured a 15-piece collection of fine jewelry showcasing Michael’s distinct design, adorned with diamond and colored gemstones, and crafted using 18-karat solid gold. Notable among the collection were the everyday objects the sculptor is known for: the ladder, the swing, and the kite.

But what really makes this collection special is that there are three out of 15 products that come with a Michael Cacnio brass backdrop: the Munting Pangarap, Rooted and Bangka. Here clients are able to display their jewelry when not worn. Hence, it easily evokes a sense of awe captivating each person.


Perhaps this is why we may well assume that having it titled as Gunita is only fitting because this jewelry collection translates to recollecting or reminiscing one’s memories of past occurrences. Echoing what Suzette said, “our goal has always been to breathe that same life into these much smaller creations.”

JMA Jewelry is located at EDSA Shangri-La Hotel. Follow them on Instagram at @jmajewelry for more information and updates.

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