First Date Tips for Every Zodiac Sign

First Date Tips for Every Zodiac Sign


We all take astrology in varying degrees of seriousness. While some of us may be obsessively checking our horoscopes on a daily basis, others tend to take each sign’s personality traits with a grain of salt, more interested in it for entertainment.
However, it can be agreed upon that one interesting aspect is how we act when it comes to dating and relationships. Am I a good match with this new person I’m seeing? Why do I tend to act a certain way on dates? Many of us might turn to astrology to find an answer to many of our questions. Having said that, here are first date tips for every zodiac sign:

1. Aries

The passionate and fiery Aries is usually up for a challenge. Rather than going for a typical sit-down dinner, why not take them out for a game or go dancing, depending on their interests? It would be a good idea to take them out to do something they’ve never done before.

2. Taurus

For the detail-oriented Taurus, sensory pleasures such as flowers or wine would be a great idea. Because they aren’t the best at being flexible, they might be more comfortable with traditional dating activities than with surprises. Anything thoughtfully planned is the way to go!

3. Gemini

For an exciting date with this sign, keep the conversation interesting — don’t be afraid of disagreements. After all, this is someone who typically masters all types of communication. Plan an out-of-the-box activity and ask them a lot of questions about their lives. The last thing you would want to do is to bore your Gemini.

4. Cancer

Cancers might have a reputation for being moody once in a while, but this is due to the fact that they are emotionally fine-tuned, making them caring partners in the long run. Rather than trying to impress them with grand gestures, tune into their mood and talk about things that would light them up: their passions and childhood memories, for example.

5. Leo

For this warm sign, plan something playful to bring out their goofy, carefree side. Leos will also want your undivided attention on a first date, so avoid talking about yourself too much and learn to become a good listener. This is a sign who often has many personal goals for themselves, and they would most likely want to share them.

6. Virgo

For this perfectionist, it is advisable to show them thoughtful details throughout the date, letting them know that you were thinking of them. Look your best, don’t be late, pick a restaurant that would have their favorite type of food — it is details like these that would make a Virgo swoon.

7. Libra

Libras are known to be fair and generous, so it would only make sense to treat them the same. Manners and looking good manner to this sign, so take that into consideration. Most Libras would also enjoy engaging in group activities, so planning something social or attending a party could work.

8. Scorpio

Known for being intense and intriguing, it is important to note that many Scorpios will hide this side of their personality when first getting to know someone, appearing cool on the surface. Enjoyable one-on-one time where you can truly take the time to get to know them is advisable. This sign also values genuine and honest individuals, so just be real with them.

9. Sagittarius

Known for their sense of adventure, plan something out of the ordinary for your Sagittarius. Physical activities such as a sport or a hike, as well as exposing them to a new destination are great ideas for a first date. This is also a sign with many passions so make sure to ask about them.

10. Capricorn

Capricorns are reliable and because they tend to think in the long-term. It might take them a while to warm up to you. Make sure you have a plan and it would be good to let them know in advance rather than being spontaneous. When spending time with them, remember that you have to earn a Capricorn’s trust — this is not something they freely give away.

11. Aquarius

Aquarians are often known for being the nonconformist. Plan something non-traditional and make sure to be open with discussions about obscure or taboo topics. It would be a good idea to avoid getting too personal or emotional on a first date, since these signs often need their space.

12. Pisces

For the sensitive and intuitive Pisces, interests typically include the arts and anything that has to do with nature. They might prefer avoiding a group on a first date, so make sure to take the time to truly get to know them. It is a good idea to incorporate music in the date as well, whether it is through a playlist in your car or watching a concert.

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