Get Movin’! These Are How Fitness Trends Will Continue To Evolve In 2022

Get Movin’! These Are How Fitness Trends Will Continue To Evolve In 2022


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A lot of things have evolved since the onset of the pandemic last two years ago. Fitness trends, in the likes of exercise, tools and overall form, are not exempted from this inevitable change. It only makes sense as this activity, in its nature, is all about close physical measures and the virus is the exact opposite. 

The longest lockdown in the world has caused all of us to see our favorite gyms close down, membership accounts frozen until further notice and transitions to workouts that are now more hybrid and flexible. Getting physically fit has turned into something somewhat more creative. And it’s continuing to transform as the years go in order to fit what the “new normal” setting necessitates. Here are just some of the molds we see fitness trends settling into this 2022. 

Gaming-Incorporated Fitness 

Tech truly knows no bounds and this 2022, it’s done just dipping its toes into fitness waters. We can expect to see the full fledged rise of “gamercising”. And this comes as no surprise as we’ve seen what VR is capable of in this space—such as virtual sports like ping pong, skiing and boxing. 

All in all, this field is looking up to be something to inject more thrill into the often tedious and laziness-inducing activity. 

Target: Overall Well-Being 

Bid adieu to wild extremes in your workouts. The cause for strict, no fun, mentally and emotionally draining exercises and regimens are thinning out. This year, the fitness trends will lean towards catering and satisfying both the mind and body. 

So expect to see gym workouts that are packaged with wellness programs like mindfulness and motivation exercises. And it seems to be just what we need in this industry. While we are at present times that are growing exceedingly more and more uncertain, we need to understand that fitness is no longer just about flexin’ those muscles but also carrying the right vibe mentally.  

Improved Fitness Wearables

How to know if your wearables are outdated? Check to see if it sports the ability to measure various health markers like blood oxygen levels and heart rates. No? Then it might be time for an upgrade. This 2022, these wrist babies are going to be counting and tracking more than just the usual steps and calorie intake. 

We highly reco Garmin’s VENU 2 to level up your wrist fashion. It not only ticks the boxes of the aforementioned but it goes above and beyond by taking note of your stress levels, respiratory rates, fitness age and more than 25 preloaded sports applications to conveniently try. And when you’re not feeling the groove of exercising yet, there’s the Garmin Coach feature to pump you up. The latest Garmin VENU 2 Plus iteration also comes with a new impressive feature: voice functionality. Pretty cool, don’t you think?


Back when fitness centers were still packed with gym rats, we saw the popularity of HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) and the fast-paced courses and ladder workouts that came with it. This year, we’re expecting to see a slightly different variation of HIIT—HIRT or High Intensity Resistance Training

Nowadays, people don’t just want to lose weight and get a slimmer figure. The goal now is to achieve a silhouette that is toned—and that is possible with the resistance training present in HIRT. Basically, it’s like HIIT but focusing on workouts that utilize weights. 

New Kid In Town: Surfing 

Part of the fitness trends this 2022 is the sport that made literal waves with its debut as an Olympic entry at the Tokyo 2020: surfing.

Its entrance as an official event in the Olympics garnered a lot of interest from people who want to explore more full-body workouts. Once the practice pays off and you hit the balance, the ride, besides being satisfying physically, also transforms into a visual treat made of perfect waves. 

Also, don’t immediately put this trend aside just because you don’t reside near water! Don’t forget, the sky’s the limit with VR and surfing is no exception to this tech. 

A Stronger Comeback: Childhood Exercises 

Last year, we saw the reemergence of some childhood classics like the jump rope and hula hoop. Don’t worry they’re not going anywhere in terms of fitness trends in 2022. Instead, they’re making a stronger case for why they’re here to stay. Expect them to make strides in new outfits such as weighted hula hoops or jump ropes with digital counters and oxygen level trackers.

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