With A Community Quarantine In Order, Take Your Workouts From The Gym And Into Your Homes With These Fitness Vloggers

With A Community Quarantine In Order, Take Your Workouts From The Gym And Into Your Homes With These Fitness Vloggers


If heading to the gym is ingrained in your lifestyle, but the community quarantine and curfew will prevent you from doing so for your own safety, working out at home with these online fitness vloggers can still keep you going. 

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With no clear end to the COVID-19 outbreak, honestly speaking, no public places are quite safe at the moment. It has been found out how the gym, among other public places, is at high-risk of germ contamination. While everyone heavily sweats in the gym during the workout, it leads to dampness or unwanted moisture on certain or most areas, which supports the germs to spread more. However, heading to the gym is not under a total ban, just as long as you’re sanitizing yourself well, and you’re sure that all the gym equipment is squeaky clean, no one’s stopping you to continue your fitness routine at the gym at this point. But hey, it’s always better be safe than sorry.

This period of self quarantine could potentially help you reassess your workout regimen. Look, you might have been missing out on the great number of fitness vloggers on YouTube, which you can consider when figuring to keep yourself fit and sane in the interim. These fitness enthusiasts can positively influence your way of fitness by regularly uploading thorough workout video routines, which you can easily follow right at the comfort of your own home. With the basic essentials like mats, working out within the means of your own home, isn’t so bad at all. Considering the situation where we are in now, it’s definitely for your safety.

Besides, one of the best ways to keep Coronavirus at bay is to keep fit and healthy. While it may be best to skip the gym in the meantime, here are the popular and effective YouTube spaces that can keep your fitness in check.



Yoga With Adriene

Nikki Blackketter

Whitney Simmons

Pamela Reif

Tone It Up


Carly Rowena

May it be yoga, HIIT, cardio, or powerlifting, these fitness vloggers got you covered. With just a few clicks, anything is readily available online, including workout routines. So, if you can, skipping the gym for the meantime can actually do you good. At the end of the day, your health and wellness should be of top priority. Oh, and even if you are just at home, don’t forget to sanitize, sanitize, and sanitize.

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