French Holiday: Rosanna Ocampo Released Her Parisian-Inspired Collection

French Holiday: Rosanna Ocampo Released Her Parisian-Inspired Collection


Rosanna Ocampo’s holiday collection champions the classic silhouettes with a twist of Parisian chic

Inspiration has always been personal. Our creativity thrives from ideas and motifs that were cultivated over the years. May it be from an old book on your shelf, a cafe you once visited, or an artwork you happen to scroll past—these are little bits of pieces that complete the bigger picture. In the end, you’ve made something of your own, a piece that reflects a part of you. 

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In a sense, Rosanna Ocampo took that process of conceptualizing to her new holiday collection, Paris Cha Cha, where it marries her interests and personality to her source of inspiration. Paris Cha Cha is a product of her journey to retrieving a part of her that she missed over the course of the pandemic.

Spending her student years in Europe, Rosanna isn’t a stranger to the cities that surrounded her. While she was based in Milan, she would often travel back and forth to Paris to meet up with a friend. It then became a part of her life, or as she would describe it, a city she feels connected to. 

“There are certain countries that connect to you. I have about five of those, and Paris is one of them. It’s such a dynamic city. There’s so many directions in which you can choose to go—you could have a salsa night in the Latin quarter or have a sophisticated evening at the opera or you can paint the town at Saint Germain.”

Rosanna Ocampo

An extrovert at heart and an avid traveler, Rosanna Ocampo loves the thrill of venturing into new spaces. And just like her experience in Paris, she wanted to create a series of clothes that can give endless possibilities to the wearer, which then sparked the question, if I had a few nights to paint the town red in Paris, what would I wear? 

The idea was to dress everyone to the hilt without taking away their personalities, where one can confidently opt for a “more is more” aesthetic the brand is known for. Taking classic silhouettes and giving them a rocker chic look, Rosanna envisioned it to be a collection that moves forward to new possibilities. 

“This collection is really about how things used to be—how I want to live my life and how to move forward. We really value enjoying the little things because the little things are the big things. When you go out with your kids or celebrate your anniversary, we want to be part of that. We want to celebrate life with you.”

Rosanna Ocampo

A style that combines sophistication with a playful flirty vibe, the brand takes it up a notch as they use various textures such as fringes, embroideries, and pearls. One piece that stands out the most is their Lou Lou cardigan, which dabbles into knitwear. It’s decorated with pearls that fall down from the shoulder to the bodice, while white silk fringes take up the front paneling of the cardigan. 

That is definitely the Italian side coming out of me. We always like to change up your classic silhouette and make it different. That’s why we adorned it with pearls and we put rocker chic silky fringes on it. It’s your updated granny cardigan.”

Rosanna Ocampo

Consisting of 25 pieces in total that range from geometric prints to mixed textures, we had to ask Rosanna which piece perfectly encapsulates the collection. Luckily, she listed down three that are loved by her and many of her guests. 

Fresh as a Daisy

A best-seller in their collection, this dress embraces the sexy and sweet with their use of dainty floral prints and a body-hugging silhouette. Offered in two options, one piece has a cut-out by the waist for those who love a daring ‘fit, while the other plays it safe with a square neckline and a covered waist. 

Lou Lou Cardigan

Undoubtedly eye-catching and one-of-a-kind, the Lou Lou cardigan is a favorite amongst her customers. It’s a timeless piece one can keep over the years because of its unique detailing. 

Les Coquettes Coordinates

A rocker chic piece with a hint of bohemian flair—this coordinate piece of the collection enables the wearer to mix and match the clothes with different styles, making it versatile and easy to wear. 

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