Get Inspired by Kyle, Mavy, Miguel, and Seth’s Shorter and Cleaner Hairstyles

Get Inspired by Kyle, Mavy, Miguel, and Seth’s Shorter and Cleaner Hairstyles


It’s time to trim the excess, embrace the change, and let the shorter, cleaner haircut redefine your style narrative in 2024

In recent times, the appeal of longer hairstyles seems to have gracefully stepped aside, making way for a prevailing trend among men who are leaning towards a more streamlined and refined aesthetic. While there are still those who appreciate lengthy locks, the undeniable pull of a shorter, cleaner look is certainly an irresistible force that captures the attention and admiration of many today. Spearheading this contemporary wave are some of our local celebrities, such as Kyle Echarri, Seth Fedelin, Miguel Tanfelix, and Mavy Legaspi. Read on and check out the polished transformations of these gentlemen.

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Kyle Echarri

Kyle Echarri's shorter hairstyle
Photo: KYLE ECHARRI (via Instagram)

Fresh from the triumph of Senior High, Kyle Echarri stands as a testament to change, bidding farewell to his once-full locks. The young actor declared, “Napagod din ako sa buhok ko,” in a playful caption on Instagram, along with a selection of photos showing a deliberate shift towards a more manageable and undeniably polished appearance.

Seth Fedelin 

Seth Fedelin's shorter hairstyle
Photo: SETH FEDELIN (via Instagram)

Not to be outdone, Seth Fedelin steps into the limelight, showcasing a dapper transformation in his latest sleek taper fade haircut. Styled by the same hairstylist who cut Daniel Padilla’s most recent hairstyle, Jun Jun Parcero, Fedelin’s choice not only exudes confidence, but also highlights the versatility and timeless appeal of shorter styles.

Miguel Tanfelix 

Miguel Tanfelix's new hairstyle
Photo: MIGUEL TANFELIX (via Instagram)

On the Kapuso front, Miguel Tanfelix strides into the short hair enthusiasts’ territory, opting for a striking brown hue that marks a thrilling new chapter, coinciding with his announcement of joining the cast of Running Man Philippines.

Mavy Legaspi 

Mavy Legaspi's hair transformation
Photo: MAVY LEGASPI (via Instagram)

Mavy Legaspi rounds up this quartet of trendsetters, fearlessly stepping into a new era in 2024. From trimming his locks shorter to experimenting with colors, Mavy embodies the spirit of a modern gentleman, unafraid to embrace change and transformation.

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