Get That Stroke Of K-Beauty Flutter With This Topnotch Eyelash Service

Get That Stroke Of K-Beauty Flutter With This Topnotch Eyelash Service


Fresh and hot from Korea, this eyelash service goes straight to Strokes eye beauty studio for everyone to enjoy lashes made better, lighter, and prettier.

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Beautifully lifted and fanned out lashes will always get you through looking instantly prepped everyday. Sure, the brows are life, but lashes give that extra flick of attitude. From Keralifts that purveyed the eyelash ballyhoo, here’s another eyelash extension trend worth the hype. Officially launching at Strokes eye beauty studio, K Lashes are far from your typical lash service and here’s why.

When we speak of luxurious service, we mean the high-caliber eyelash extensions experienced at a premium comfort. Made in and imported from Korea, K Lashes let you wear durable, high-grade, and natural-looking lashes. Not to exaggerate things here, but these lashes flutter like a feather as they’re made with finest sable hair.

Whether you’re in a rush or simply want to sport a natural-looking makeup sans the heavy-handed effort, K Lashes are the certified beauty on-the-go solution. Classic K Lashes add more length and volume without overpowering the eyes. For the dramatic effect of lightweight, long wisps or spikes, try Wispy K Lashes. To get the customized curls and perfect wing effect, avail of the fluffy but lightweight Wing K Lashes. Coming in the shade of brown, the Warm K Lashes give a full yet natural look.

Don’t get intimidated with those gorgeous flutters, these lashes last up to four weeks and are incredibly lightweight. While the thoughts of dreadful mascara smudges, flaking, lash fall out, sudden rubbing, and showers make you hesitant in getting one, K Lashes delicately uses top-quality glue that won’t irritate the eyes.

It’s all meticulously done in Strokes eye beauty studio. For the K Lashes that came all the way from Korea, the process was acquired from a Korean eyelash extension master. With only a little over an hour of your time, this painless lash service is guaranteed by Strokes eye beauty studio’s certified lash technicians. Since the client’s preference is what they utmost value, you have the liberty to have the curls and structure customized, too. Visit Strokes eye beauty studio’s newest branch at 5/F Shangri-la Plaza Main Wing.

Stokes eye beauty studio is also located at G/F Greenbelt 1, 3/F Ayala Malls Vertis North, and LGF Uptown Mall Link-BGC. 

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