The Weatherproof Beauty Secret These Celebrities Are Keeping

The Weatherproof Beauty Secret These Celebrities Are Keeping


Who doesn’t want a fail-safe and weatherproof beauty look? Want in on a secret? These celebrities all have it.

Ever stepped out of your house with a carefully made-up face—eyebrows delicately done, cheekbones highlighted, jawline contoured—only to have the sweltering heat melt it all off? Or worse, have the weather literally rain on your beauty parade with a barrage of precipitation. Well, I often have—and it’s the absolute worst.

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Looking at these celebrities, you’ll often see them sporting a range of looks–from ultra glammed up to barely-there makeup. It makes you wonder just what beauty secret they’re keeping that makes them look consistently presentable. Whether on stage, on the big screen, or even on the beach, these beauties always look their best.

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Foolproof Beauty Secret

So what is their secret? Look no further than their eyes, or to be exact, their eyebrows. It’s always camera-ready, polishing the natural beauty of these stars. You know the old adage, Kilay is life? It couldn’t be truer now.

I’ve learned from a good friend that if you only had time to do one part of your face, do your brows. It perfectly frames your face—bare or not—making it brighter and giving you a more polished look.

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Strokes by Momoi Supe

But how does one effortlessly maintain a good set of brows that, as a bonus, is weatherproof? Enter Momoi Supe—the beauty secret of these celebrities. Strokes by Momoi Supe is the leading beauty studio that specializes in 3D eyebrow tattooing/microblading. As you probably already know, microblading is a technique that enhances your natural brows by utilizing a fine blade to deposit fine pigments into the skin. Strokes offer a variety of eyebrow embroidery styles that fits the look you want, with all looking natural and real.

I was fortunate enough to try their 3D eyebrow artistry last year, just in time for a beach trip. I wanted to maintain my eyebrows during and after taking a dip, and Momoi provided the perfect solution. Water and heat be damned, my eyebrows looked perpetually made up, of course as if I woke up like that. Fast forward to today, and it looks just as fresh and just as realistic as ever, warranting a lot of questions from people on how I do my eyebrows.

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Still need convincing? Just ask these celebrities on why Strokes by Momoi is their ultimate beauty go-to.

Strokes by Momoi Supe now has three branches available for your booking convenience. Their flagship studio at Greenbelt 1, Strokes Premier at Vertis North, and their newest branch at Shangri-La Plaza, Strokes Prestige. Aside from 3D eyebrow tattoo, they also provide the best in lash services— KeraLift, KeraLush, and AirLash amongst others.

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