Everybody’s OG Oppa, Rain, and “Boys Over Flowers” Star Kim Bum Join Hands For A  Unique Plot In “Ghost Doctor”

Everybody’s OG Oppa, Rain, and “Boys Over Flowers” Star Kim Bum Join Hands For A Unique Plot In “Ghost Doctor”


Loved “Hospital Playlist” and “Dr. Romantic”? Then you’re in for a definite treat with “Ghost Doctor”!

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It’s false to think that the K-wave only boomed in recent years. Fans who have been following Korean content like K-dramas for years know that it can be dated way back to the early aughts. In fact, avid watchers even hold close to their heart a list of OG actors and actresses—such as Rain of the cult-favorite “Full House” and “A Love To Kill” and Kim Bum from the classic “Boys Over Flowers”.

Speaking of, supporters of the aforementioned will be elated to know that the two are actually teaming up for an exciting fresh drama. Those who have a penchant for medical dramas like “Doctors,” the “Dr. Romantic” series and “Hospital Playlist,” will surely hold an affinity for Ghost Doctor

We give you the lowdown on everything to know about the medical fantasy so that you can decide whether to stream it or skip it. 

At The Helm of Ghost Doctor 

Claiming the director’s seat is Boo Sung Chul. He is the acclaimed director behind Lee Min Ho and Park Shin Hye’s The Heirs” and Lee Seung Gi and Shin Min-A’s My Girlfriend is a Gumiho”. Also part of the all star team is screenwriter Kim Eun Hee who can be thanked for the popularly adapted “My Fair Lady” and the iconic “Winter Sonata”. 

Literal Out Of This World Plot 

Two doctors encounter a life-changing supernatural situation that ends up combining their spirits and bodies. The chaotic caveat? They completely oppose each other in terms of background, personality and skills. Ghost Doctor offers a unique plot that centers around two realities and worlds—the living and the dead. Audiences can expect unconventional characters such as ghosts that still linger on hospital grounds. The relatable stories vary—from expired doctors who can’t seem to leave their patients just yet and coma patients whose souls tread on the thin line between life and death. 

Just a heads-up! Despite the bizarre plot, it’s best to note that this supernatural show will be far from scary. So, fans who particularly aren’t into horror themes and tropes need not to worry. In fact, the cast is even warning viewers to prepare tissues for the tear-jerker scenes to come—which we’re so ready for!

Blindingly Star-Studded Cast 

Top billing the show are veteran artists that any ardent K-drama fan would know to heart. 

Multi-talented Hallyu star Jung Ji-Hoon or Rain, as he is more popularly known, will take on the role of Cha Young Min. He will play a resolute and genius thoracic doctor who is not only the best in the hospital he works in but in the whole of South Korea. Contrasting his character in a very grand way is Go Seung Tak who is led by Kim Bum. If Young Min is pegged as someone with “golden hands” who can swiftly heal and save anyone, Seung Tak is the owner of “crappy hands”. Hailing from an affluent family, this stubborn and manner-lacking resident doctor is one that doesn’t fall under the categories, “keen” and “competent”. Character development seems to be part of the plot though; as he eventually changes after a massive life-changing encounter with Rain’s character. 

Completing the chemistry within the star-studded cast are Apink Seon Naeun, who is Oh Soo Jung in the show, and UEE as Jang Se Jin. Respectively, they play an ambitious emergency room intern who believes in miracles despite pursuing studies in science and medicine, and a talented neurosurgeon who studied abroad and more importantly is Young Min’s ex-girlfriend and maybe, his last love, too, after 12 years of separation. 

When, Where And What 

Ghost Doctor’s premiere is somewhat of a new year gift to fans as it comes out on January 4 at 9:15 PM PHT. Best of all, you can stream it for free in iQiyi.

Amp up your hype by watching the teaser below!

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