Gigi Hadid Launched Her First Clothing Line, Guest In Residence

Gigi Hadid Launched Her First Clothing Line, Guest In Residence


Esteemed model, Gigi Hadid, launched her first clothing line full of signature classics made with 100% cashmere.

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As fashion enthusiasts, we have seen which trends stayed for the long run and which ones served their time. It was most evident during the pandemic as people explored but because fashion has its way of releasing new ensembles, the production is faster than ever. 

But if you’re the type who leans towards anything timeless, long-lasting, and versatile— Gigi Hadid’s new cashmere clothing line should be on your radar.  

Seeing beyond the trends, Gigi Hadid headed for a direction with accessible luxury and purposeful buying in mind. Where an exclusive material such as cashmere is now available to all and is durable enough to be passed on generations after generations. 

It’s a wardrobe that stays relevant in our time and will continue to be one as time goes on. Natural and sustainable— qualities that are now being advocated and Gigi Hadid takes part in the collective effort through Guest In Residence.

They recently launched their first collection, “Core Collection”, a variation of signature pieces that ranges from tops, trousers, and accessories in classic colors that are available all year round. 

Learn more about Guest In Residence on their Instagram and website.

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