3 Ways To Sustainably Shop As A Maximalist With Gigi Hadid And More

3 Ways To Sustainably Shop As A Maximalist With Gigi Hadid And More


Be a maximalist without falling into the ecological trap of overconsumption with H&M’s Innovation Circular Design Story collection.

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Maximalist style and sustainability are two words that are often seen as opposing to one another. One of the main reasons why fashion is the biggest contributor to pollution is the difficulty of recycling its materials. Once a garment is processed and made, it is difficult to break it down into its components again for new use. As a result, millions of items are either burned or dumped as excessive waste in developing countries. That’s why when one thinks about dressing sustainably, it’s with simple clothes, made usually from eco-friendly linen or cotton, and a clean neutral palette. While all of this is great, there’s still some of us who need to live in a maximum of color and prints to feel inspired. 

Maximalism doesn’t always mean you have an overflowing wardrobe; in fashion, it means embracing vibrancy and getting creative with your looks­–which is what H&M’s Innovation Circular Design Story collection is all about. In the past few years, the brand has been taking responsibility for its role in saving the planet by marrying mainstream trends to sustainably and circular-made garments. I’m talking about making ethical clothing fancy and almost couture-esque that celebrates both yourself and the earth.

One of their most exciting collections yet, for the campaign titled Just Before the Party Starts, creative advisor and stylist Ib Kamara along with photographer Rafael Pavorotti focuses on the feeling of optimism to bring forth a dynamic and colorful vision to life. Highlighter hues, mix-matched prints, and a joyous fusion of bows and frills make up the 54 pieces of the line that are all crafted with an eco-conscious ethos.

From menswear, womenswear, to footwear, all are made from cellulosic fiber produced from sustainably sourced wood pulp, recycled polyester made from waste, and undergo a design tool called the Circulator. This developing tool is used by the H&M design team to consider all stages of the garment creation process, from expected lifetimes to materials and design strategies.

To help you out in you transitioning to sustainable maximalist fashion, here are 3 tips that Normani, Gigi Hadid, and Kaia Gerber follow with H&M’s Innovation Circular Design Story.

Take Account And Work With It

Wearing the line’s matching polka-dot sequin set made from recycled polyester, Kaia Gerber has shared that she loves borrowing an item or two from her mom’s closet. By taking inventory of their closet, she is able to lower consumption, breathe new life into her mom’s old staples, and increase her usage on the things she already owns.

Embrace Your Individuality

Don’t spend too much time worrying about what “goes together” or what others would think, this will allow you to have more freedom in mixing and matching your clothes. Follow the saying “if you like it, it matches” and you’ll ace maximalist sustainable style just as how singer Normani accessorizes with H&M’s full-polka dot look with their rhinestone cuffs. 

Invest In Staples

Having the basic staple gives a great advantage in making your other clothes last in your closet by making it easier to find a base for your bolder pieces. As seen here, top model Gigi Hadid wears the collection’s white line vest made from organic silk that can be worn in the classic way or be layered up for a completely different look. 

Sustainably shop the maximalist pieces in H&M’s Innovation Circular Design Story collection at H&M Greenbelt and online from December 9, 2021

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