Gucci Garden Makes Its Way to Sydney

Gucci Garden Makes Its Way to Sydney


An exhibition that invites us to the world of Alessandro Michele and Gucci’s iconic archives, their recent opening was celebrated with stars from Hollywood and the Philippines

Navigating through a designer’s mind can be quite exciting. We meticulously analyze each collection to see the narrative laid down, but it is their unique artistry and personal taste that distinctly ties their designs together—a defining detail one can’t replicate because of its originality. And though most of them go by the trends, there is no doubt that their DNA as creative directors are seen in the clothes.

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It’s quite rare to be immersed in their world, or better yet, their mind. But Gucci’s Creative Director, Alessandro Michele, broke the wall between the consumer and the designer as they unveiled an immersive space for everyone to experience—the Gucci Garden.

The space was first opened in Florence, Italy last May, but over the course of the year, it has made its way across the world. From Shanghai, Hong Kong, Taipei, to Seoul, the exhibition is now just fresh off its reveal in Sydney, Australia as Gucci Garden opened its doors to the land down under last November 17. While it did showcase archive pieces and past collections of the House, it was also a walk-through of the many inspirations Alessandro Michele has such as music, art, travel, and pop culture.

It mirrored the House’s idiosyncratic narrative seen on their collections, a space that breathed life into the eccentric creativity of Alessandro Michele. Designed by Archivio Personale, the vision Alessandro Michele had was executed with their use of new-fashioned technology, high craftsmanship, and innovative interior design. Guests were invited to walk through the labyrinth and experience the various environments Gucci crafted over the years.

Being the creative director for eight years, several rooms in the Gucci Garden were transformed into compact spaces that exhibited the chosen collection’s overall theme. While one room was altered into an LA subway carriage, a nod to his first collection Urban Romanticism Fall/Winter 2015, another was converted into a labyrinth of mirrors, which recalls their 2016 Cruise collection, The Dionysus Dance.

With its recent opening, one can only expect a night of celebration with guests clad in their choice of Gucci ensemble. Among the sea of attendees were artists such as Anderson Paak and Hollywood star, Olivia De Jonge. But an appearance that needs to be mentioned was done by a beloved local artist, Nadine Lustre.

With her own take of Gucci’s classic plaid patterns, Nadine opted to wear a suit adorned in two different muted hues that paid tribute to Gucci’s play in texture and prints. And to finish the look, a rather lacy bra was the chosen piece for her top—it wouldn’t be Nadine without a sultry touch to her outfit.

Photo Credit: @nadine (via Instagram)

After their afternoon bustle, Nadine made a quick change for the night. She went with a sultry rocker chic look with her black bodysuit and thigh-high boots. She then layered it with a see-through polka dot off-shoulder dress for a dainty detail.

Photos from GUCCI

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