In The Skincare World, Bees Are Making A Big Buzz As An Anti-Aging Powerhouse

In The Skincare World, Bees Are Making A Big Buzz As An Anti-Aging Powerhouse


The best ingredients for youthful skin can be found inside of the beehive.

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Finding the right youth-boosting skincare products is no easy feat. As the market offers endless innovation that claims to reverse the natural process of skin aging, nature proves that the best remedy doesn’t have to come in a concoction of harsh ingredients. In the pursuit of achieving healthy, resilient skin, we found out that bees are making a buzz as one of the best anti-aging powerhouses. 

For this story, Guerlain invited us over an intimate brunch. During the brand’s presentation, an honest conversation addressed the power of bee products and the wonder that can be found in the Double R Renew and Repair Advanced Serum. 

An Honest Conversation About Aging 

Aging, as we all know it, is an inevitable part of life. And as time goes by, our skin shows evidence of it. A lot of changes can occur as we age and our skin is among the first ones to show it. In fact, skin aging starts in or mid-20s. According to experts, our bodies slowly start to produce less collagen causing our skin to lose its elasticity causing the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles and sagging. The skin also takes longer to heal. 

And while it sounds daunting, know that skin aging is a natural process and there’s nothing to be ashamed of. However, it’s not an excuse for us to disregard our skin needs. One of the best approaches to it is through a combination of a healthy lifestyle and a good skincare routine powered by the best formulas to give you a healthy, glowing complexion. 

Inside The Beehive 

Bee products come in different formats. Some household names include honey, propolis, bee bread, royal jelly, beeswax and even bee venom. And while this information is new to many of us, this natural ingredient has been around since ancient times as a medical treatment. Aside from that, bee products are also known for their anti-inflammatory, antibacterial and antioxidant properties that help restore the skin’s youthful glow. Today, with the help of science, it became ubiquitous in the skincare and beauty sphere. 

The Science Of The Bee At The Heart Of Its Product 

Over the past 190 years, Guerlain has made its mark as a skincare pioneer. A notable contribution to beauty history is the brand’s Émulsion d’Ambroisie which is considered to be the first serum released on the market. Guerlain also made its name as one brand that believes in the power of bee products. In 2021, it launched Beelab, a research platform dedicated to bee, bee products and skin repair, led by internationally renowned researchers.

The Game-Changing Serum 

As we continued to spend the afternoon with Guerlain, the brand shared its commitment to taking innovations to new heights. To start, Guerlain dedicated 10 years of research to master the repairing powers of bee products and with the help of the innovator’s expertise in science, the brand was able to precisely select the best honey and royal jellies with the most spectacular benefits for the skin. 

Among that line of innovation is a standout formula that is bottled in the Double R Renew and Repair Advanced Serum. First released in 2018, the brand reinvents a top-shelf favorite with a new advanced efficacy that concentrates its latest technical innovations to restore skin youthfulness. 

The serum arrives in a double formula that is initially separated and intended to be blended in the palm of the hand. The Renew format is powered with a fusion of AHAs, PHAs, and white honey concentrate,  to restore radiance while The Repair format features bio-polyfermented honeys that deliver a lifting-effect. Another noteworthy detail is its eco-designed double glass bottle, finished with a golden bee engraving that simply adds a sense of luxury to the packaging. 

Guerlain is available at Rustan’s Beauty Source and Greenbelt 5

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