The New Fragrances That Smell Better The Longer It Sits On The Skin

The New Fragrances That Smell Better The Longer It Sits On The Skin


Focused on innovation and individuality, these latest olfactory options deliver an authentic experience


Take another step toward eco-innovation with the reinvention of GUERLAIN’s Aqua Allegoria collection, which has two new sustainable features. First, there’s a formula change as their fragrances are now exclusively made with organic alcohol sourced from beetroot. And 95% of its ingredients are made from natural origin. This helps preserve the planet’s biodiversity without compromising the scent’s quality. Second is the redesign of the Bee Bottle⁠—their signature gold honeycomb- topped flacon⁠—into a refillable format that’s made with 15% recycled glass. Now, you can refill the house’s iconic luxe glass bottles as many times as you wish. One can also indulge in all these latest upgrades with the newest member of the line, the Nerolia Vetiver (P9,100), a vibrant but meditative floral scent that deepens the longer it lingers on skin.


From the minimalist curated walls to the distinct relaxing scent that welcomes each client that opens their doors, there’s nothing quite like the multi-sensory experience of shopping at an AESOP store. This is the main reason why it’s an ideal place to discover one’s signature scent. Housed in their beloved industrial-style metallic tubes and amber tincture bottles that are reminiscent of a Victorian alchemist’s medicine cabinet, each of their perfumes is designed for all genders and personalities. One of their best-selling bottles is the Miraceti Eau de Parfum (P9,300) that comprises an intricate mix of herbal and earthy accords, such as black pepper and chili leaf, with notes of musk, cedar, and red seaweed, all of which will keep anyone who gets a whiff guessing and wanting to know more.


How many ways can one wear a specific fragrance? With the BVLGARI Allegra line, the possibilities are infinite. Introducing a new bold and refreshing way to layer on your perfumes, the Italian maison has added three new creations that are designed to be personalized, with a magnifying essence to make each scent unique. Choose from Spettacolore (P14,950/100ml), which has accords of iris and amber that would appeal to those who prefer powdery and luminous scents; or Baciami (P14,950/100ml), which translates to “kiss me” in Italian. As passionate as its name, Baciami boasts top notes of gardenia and vanilla that make for a more sophisticated and seductive spring fragrance. Lastly, tailor either of the eau de parfums with the Myrrh essence (P11,950/49ml) for that extra touch of joyful brightness or deeper warmth.


Travel through time by visiting the store of OFFICINE UNIVERSELLE BULY, which has amassed a cult following for its beautifully scented curiosities that line its stores’ luxurious Parisian-inspired walls and glass cabinets. Unlike your typical beauty haul, their products are designed like rare artifacts from Europe’s regal age, such as their Eau Triple which are fragrances that are made without alcohol. This way, wearers can indulge in an original pure scent. Try out the Tubéreuse du Mexique (P9,498), which mixes tuberose with accents of clove and vanilla, embodying the timeless and alluring qualities of a Parisian woman. Another one-of-a-kind product from the French apothecary is the Alabaster, which is presented in a painted porcelain box (P1,998) with a hand-carved porous stone (P1,498) that absorbs fragrance oils (P1,698) naturally and releases its aromas when the porcelain box is open.

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