Megan Young's #MEGAMillennialBall Prep Secrets Will Surprise You—Plus Her Ultimate Cheat Meal!

Megan Young's #MEGAMillennialBall Prep Secrets Will Surprise You—Plus Her Ultimate Cheat Meal!


Megan Young shares how she got ready for the #MEGAMillennialBall and reveals her ultimate cheat meal!
Dazzling in a sparkly Boom Sason gown, Megan Young glows as she walks the red carpet of the #MEGAMillennialBall. And with this glow, no one would have guessed everything she did to prepare for the #MEGAMillennialBall. At an exclusive interview with the beauty queen, we got the shocking prep tips and got her to spill her ultimate cheat meal! And no, it is not at all what we expected it to be.
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Pre-Ball Prep

When asked by red carpet correspondent Michelle Dee about any special prep routines for the Maximum Exposure theme, Megan was quick to say that there was none. Yes, Megan didn’t really do twice as much of her workout routine or lessened her meals. In fact, Megan tells us that she simply made sure she gathers her glam team at home, happy and cozy before the event!

Beauty Secrets

Megan also shares how she stays beautiful and none of those include your favorite skincare routine. Instead, she shares that it’s all about how you think. Being happy, positive, and of course, being happy about what you eat! And it shows! Megan simply radiates wherever, whenever!

Ultimate Cheat Meal

And Michelle Dee just can’t help but ask Megan about her favorite cheat meal. The answer? A quick “Pancit Canton With Bread”. Megan shares that she usually eats her pancit canton sandwiched between the bread. #Relatable! But of course, we had to ask her to choose between her cheat meal of choice or pizza. Megan adorably spills that it will always be pancit canton.
Want to know more from Megan herself? Watch the video below for the exclusive #MEGAMillennialBall red carpet interview with correspondent Michelle Dee:

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