Hamilton International Tour’s Leading Lady Rachelle Ann Go Reaches For Her Dreams

Hamilton International Tour’s Leading Lady Rachelle Ann Go Reaches For Her Dreams


In this MEGA exclusive, Rachelle Ann Go shares her feelings about returning to her homeland, the resonance of Hamilton with Filipino audiences, and the impact of fashion on her performance and character portrayal

The room was filled with an anticipatory buzz as the soft glow of the vanity mirror illuminated the poised and confident figure of Rachelle Ann Go. Her remarkable journey from the West End to the Philippines with Hamilton was nothing short of awe-inspiring. With grace that matched her humility and a welcoming smile that could rival the sun’s embrace, she invited us into her world. She shares feelings that enveloped her heart as she prepared to return to her home country in a role that had garnered international acclaim, and she was the leading lady of her own heart’s theater.

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Rachelle Ann Go MEGA
White beaded feather dress by DEBBIE CO

Everyone’s tale

Her eyes gleamed with excitement as she spoke, and her words danced with emotion. Rachelle confessed that this homecoming had been a dream etched in her heart for years. “It’s a dream come true,” she says. In 2017, she had a vision. “I had a feeling that they would bring this to the Philippines. I already envisioned that.” That dream was now a reality, and her enthusiasm was palpable. Yet, a cloud of doubt and fear loomed; she had been offered the role while still expecting her second child. Her fears were many: Could she still perform at her best in one of the most challenging shows she had ever undertaken? However, the excitement overshadowed these doubts, for this was a momentous homecoming.

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Rachelle Ann Go MEGA

As she delved into the resonance of Hamilton with Filipino audiences, Rachelle sparkled with passion. “There’s so many angles in this show with so many emotions,” she explains. “The highs and lows—I feel like anyone can relate to the story.” The magic lay in the diversity of music styles, from rap to jazz, and even pop. It was an auditory feast designed to enchant the Filipinos. The thought of the younger generation embracing the music left her beaming, for it was a testament to the power of dreams.

The power of transformation

Her transformation into Eliza Hamilton, a character known for her strength and resilience, was a journey of its own. Rachelle jokingly said she didn’t need to channel these qualities; she inherently possessed them. She noted the stark contrast between her experiences in London, where she performed as Eliza before becoming a mother, and her role now as a mom. “I think that really helps me to be in a different space, and gives me the power I feel like to create a character or a role.” The character’s costumes, including stiff corsets and ball gowns, provided her with a unique sense of power. They transported her to a different time, helping her effortlessly step into character. “Every time I have different hair, I feel like I’m not me anymore.”

Rachelle Ann Go Hamilton

The evolution of Eliza Hamilton’s fashion choices was another topic that piqued our interest. In the opening act of her character’s life, vibrant hues adorned her figure, a symbolic ode to youthful exuberance. However, as the story moved on, a quiet transformation unfolded in the fabric of her wardrobe. A transition to simplicity whispered of character evolution, mirroring the journey of a soul maturing amidst the complex melodies of life. The ever-shifting colors and styles on stage mirrored the very essence of Eliza herself—a metamorphosis from the innocent exuberance of youth to a place darker and laden with the weight of experience. Eliza’s signature blue, a color that had become interchangeable with her character, had its roots in a touching tidbit of behind-the-scenes history. It was a nod, an homage to the personal fondness of designer Paul Tazewell’s partner for the blue hue, adding a touch of intriguing trivia.

Rachelle Ann Go Hamilton

Rachelle’s personal fashion preferences diverged significantly from Eliza Hamilton’s Regency dresses. She described her current style as an embodiment of comfort, a stark departure from the elaborate fashion of the character. “With Eliza, she has to dress up from head to toe. She has to dress her part.” She laughed as she revealed that comfort and practicality now ruled her wardrobe, especially as a mother. “Eliza, she’s just fashionable.” She shrugs with delight. “And here I am: simplest as I can be.”

Green silk dress by CYRUS GUETA

Her experimentation with fashion was a topic that resonated with many. Rachelle’s face lit up as she shared her collaboration with her brother, fashion designer Oz Go. Their partnership was more dynamic than a superhero duo, crafting ensembles that mirrored Rachelle’s unique style and vibrant personality. “I feel like it’s easier to work with someone who knows you.” She emphasized the importance of comfort in her fashion choices, a principle that her brother understood and incorporated into their designs. It was her non-negotiable fashion rule, the VIP pass to her wardrobe. Rachelle’s comfort was the punchline, proving that style doesn’t have to be a straitjacket.

The room where it happens

Rachelle Ann Go Hamilton

The anticipation for Hamilton in the Philippines was palpable, and Rachelle envisioned this production leaving an indelible mark on the country’s theater scene. Her hope was for more international productions to find their way to the Philippines, inspiring Filipino actors to dream big and perform on global stages. “I want them to feel that it’s possible.” She highlighted the importance of diversity within the cast, as it not only made her feel more comfortable but also inspired others. “I just want to be a vessel, an instrument, to reach that dream.”

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Rachelle Ann Go for MEGA

Rachelle Ann Go’s journey, steering from the West End’s dazzling lights to the shores of her beloved Philippines alongside Hamilton unfurled images of dreams, kindled passions, and profound inspiration. Her return was an achieving homecoming, an encore resonating with the echoing applause of dreamers worldwide, proving the might of aspirations and heralding the ascent of Filipino talent onto the global stage.

Creative Direction BRIE VENTURA
Beauty and Grooming Direction MARA GO
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