Heads Up: There’s a New DonBelle Film In The Works!

Heads Up: There’s a New DonBelle Film In The Works!


After two years, Star Cinema is finally making a comeback in theaters with DonBelle kicking it off!

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Right after the second season of He’s Into Her, it looks like we’re in for another treat from Donny Pangilinan and Belle Mariano! Last July 27, Star Cinema announced on their Facebook page that they will be returning to the cinemas.

But, that’s not at all!

Along with this post is a teaser of DonBelle’s newest film.

Based on the glowing sign that exhibits a wordplay, it may be about staying up all night or a narrative involving a convenience store!

Belle and Donny seem to be playing interesting characters yet again for the movie. Looking closely at their looks, Belle seems to be sporting highlights and wearing white combat boots. Meanwhile, Donny is in a bowl cut and has eyeglasses!

Eagle-eyed fans actually have already started speculating what the movie will be about!

Here are some interesting fan theories:

If you’re in for a spoiler, someone already spotted them during their shooting and confirmed their characters—Belle is working in a convenience store, which fits the poster.

We surely can’t wait to watch DonBelle on the big screen!

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