Healthy Recipes You Can Recreate For Packed Lunches to School and Work

Healthy Recipes You Can Recreate For Packed Lunches to School and Work


Packed lunches are the way to go. For lunch ideas, here are recipes you can easily recreate and bring to school or work

We’re big believers in packing lunches. From bringing baon to college and now in the workplace, packing lunches has saved us money and temptation from reaching for ultra-processed food on the daily. Read ahead for our ideas on the subject recipes we found on FEATR that you can easily recreate, too!

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Rice dishes

Rice has become something of a fear food for people obsessed with eating healthy, but it’s still an accessible source of healthy carbs—and it won’t necessarily become a problem if you eat it moderately. But if you want your lunch to be extra nutrient-dense, opt for red or brown rice for the extra fiber. Pair your rice with lean protein and vegetables, and you’re good to go! Our go-to rice dish is brown rice with peas and carrots, chicken breast, and spiced cauliflower.

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For more inspiration, you can check out Jo Sebastian’s video about diabetes-friendly recipes on FEATR. The particular rice dish she makes in the video stars munggo beans and tilapia.

Whole wheat wraps

Our other go-to for packed lunches is a whole wheat wrap. We prefer these over bringing sandwiches since sliced white bread from the grocery store contains a lot of added sugar. Whole grains are another great source of fiber and it’s also a versatile ingredient that is easy to eat on-the-go. The common ingredients we pack into our whole wheat wraps are chicken, broccoli, tomato, and cheese.

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That being said, don’t feel limited to those ingredients! Above is another video from FEATR showing other healthy combinations you can put together, including steak and oyster.


Last but not least are salads, but don’t worry—you can use more than just leafy greens. In fact, we encourage you to use more than just lettuce and processed dressing so that you can maximize the nutrients you can get from just one lunch. For example, we particularly like packing potato salads with tofu, or summer salads with sweet potatoes, tofu, and broccoli with other colorful vegetables, nuts, and seeds on top.

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Besides plant-based salads, you can consider bringing pasta salads to your school or work as depicted in the above video. As shown in the video, you can top off your pasta with nutrient-dense ingredients like prawn and chicken.

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