Here are Lash Omadto’s Top Beauty and Scent Picks

Here are Lash Omadto’s Top Beauty and Scent Picks


Want to know how content creator Lash Omadto looks, smells, and feels fresh all the time—on and off camera? Fret not, we listed down her top beauty and scent picks.

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If you’ve seen her signature red nails on your For You page on TikTok, you know that Lash Omadto connects with her followers in an authentic way that makes you feel like you’re talking to her on a video call for chika as she does her makeup. With her daily grind in school and as a creator, you wonder how she stays fresh all day. Even as a creator, Lash admits to MEGA she’s not really experimental with her beauty choices—once something works, she sticks to it. So here are her tried and tested beauty and scent picks that might work for you too.


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Chuchu Beauty Heart Blush Duo

This local beauty brand delivers budget-friendly must-haves without compromising quality and creativity. Chuchu Beauty gives you a touch of playfulness to your everyday routine with the Heart Blush Duo in a cute, heart-shaped compact case with a mirror. Lash tells MEGA Style that if there’s one product she swears by, whether for a casual or a glam look, it’s this powder blush. The curated color duo from soft pinks to sultry nudes is a playground for beauty enthusiasts, allowing you to experiment with different looks. What’s even better is that the blush remains intact throughout the day with its silky and buildable formula.

Detail Cosmetics Power Lip in Rose Latte

Lock down a matte lip like no other. This rich, smooth lipstick deposits a long-wearing and transfer-resistant color that is comfortable and weightless. The full-coverage formula maximizes the color intensity and won’t dry, fade, or feather up during your carefree or busy hours. Lash specifically recommends the rose latte shade.

Laneige Lip Mask

To keep her lips smooth, it’s no surprise that this is Lash’s personal favorit. This thick, nutrient-rich balm goes to work while you’re asleep (although you can wear it all day) to form a barrier over your lips and lock in moisture. In the depths of summer, this balm keeps your lips soft without leaving any sticky residue. Also get a taste of your preference in different flavors—apple lime, grapefruit, vanilla, and original berry.

Issy Active Concealer

“I’m not really into matte foundation,” Lash tells MEGA Style. “So what I repurchase are the concealers of Issy.” Lash gets a natural coverage with this hydrating, oil-free concealer that lasts all day and seamlessly blends into the skin. Through a blend of humectants and antioxidants it conceals, corrects, highlights, and brightens the complexion. Do less but get more with their buildable shades.

Jo Malone 

When asked about her scent, Lash’s go-to is Jo Malone Myrrh & Tonka and the Jo Malone Wood Sage and Sea Salt. The former is a sophisticated, warm, and classy fragrance that has deep, sweet notes. The myrrh scent may not be for everyone, but for Lash, it’s a high-quality and attention-grabbing fragrance with a lavender twist. As for the latter, the scent is perfect for sunny days with its notes of driftwood and sea air.

Featured Image: LASH OMADTO (Via Instagram)

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