Here’s How Belle, Blythe, and More Honor Their Mother’s Wisdom

Here’s How Belle, Blythe, and More Honor Their Mother’s Wisdom


It’s no secret that the reason behind the success of celebrities like Belle Mariano, Cassy Legaspi, and Andrea Brillantes is the support they get from their moms

A role model is someone who has taught, inspired, and touched the lives of different people over the years. However, what is often forgotten is that many of our role models have their own sources of inspiration and wisdom. And this is true to the most sought-after celebrities of this generation, who give much importance to the advice imparted by their mothers. From the lessons they learned through experience to their never-ending patience and sacrifices, here is the wisdom passed down by mothers that were instrumental in shaping the character of these rising stars.

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Belle Mariano

Belle Mariano Mom
Photo: BELLE MARIANO (via Instagram)

Belle Mariano’s humility is a testament to her mother’s recurring reminder to keep her feet on the ground amidst fame. In an interview with Karen Davila, Belle credits her mom’s advice to never forget where she came from throughout her successful journey. “Whatever they tell me that would help me, it’s for me rin naman po,” she affirms. According to the actress, she enjoys her mom’s company at the moment as they bond together through shopping and running errands. When asked what her mom has taught her, she answered, “Everything.”

Heaven Peralejo

Heaven Peralejo mom
Photo: HEAVEN PERALEJO (via Instagram)

In an interview, Heaven Peralejo shared that her mother is a factor in all her life decisions. Her mom was diagnosed with breast cancer, which is why Heaven is doing everything she can to help her mom in any way. She even finished college as she believes that her diploma is the “greatest gift that a daughter can give to her parents.” The actress also shared that she has her mom by her side and was even the one who pushed her to accomplish her studies when she didn’t want to continue anymore.

Cassy Legaspi

Cassy Legaspi mom

Even though Cassy belongs in a family of celebrities, Carmina always reminds her children that they are still like everyone else. Carmina wants her children to be street-smart as she wants them to learn how to deal with people in all walks of life. Fans also admire how the mom of two supports Cassy’s career and friendships and the latter has always been open to the public about the things she wants to pursue in her career and the relationships she has with her peers. Their open communication as mother and daughter reflects on the character that Cassy exudes to the public eye.

Andrea Brillantes

Andrea Brillantes mom
Photo: ANDREA BRILLANTES (via Facebook)

“It’s a battle out there. Paglabas mo, dapat laging armado ka kasi ‘pag nandu’n na sila, wala na akong magagawa.” This advice from a Magandang Buhay episode six years ago has stuck with Andrea Brillantes throughout her life and has been instrumental in the judgment she has received from people while working in the entertainment industry. Andrea’s mother believes that she may not be present all the time, but she is at peace knowing that all her children are armed before they face the real world. Seeing Andrea’s bravery and resilience while dealing with negative comments about her in show business just proves that the actress continues to live up to her mother’s advice until present.

Criza Taa

Criza Taa mom
Photo: CRIZA TAA (via Instagram)

Criza Taa is a strong young woman of her generation. Despite losing her mother amidst the peak of her career, she has managed to turn this challenging situation in her life as a motivation to keep going. In an Instagram post, she even remembered her mom’s ultimate advice, “Time doesn’t stop and so [does] our life.” With this, Criza moved forward along with her grief and take her late mother’s advice as a reminder that life is worth living. She learned that there’s so much to experience and learn about from other people. That’s why Criza slowly got back to her career while remembering the love and support that her mother has showered upon her.

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