Here’s How Designers Interpret the Theme For the Opulence Ball

Here’s How Designers Interpret the Theme For the Opulence Ball


We asked three Filipino designers for their creative interpretations for the Opulence Ball

This year’s Opulence Ball will be a night of mythical celebration where every guest becomes a living embodiment of gods and goddesses. We predict a plethora of looks and details such as majestic crowns, flowing robes, and thunderbolt motifs as they exude an aura of authority and power. Others will be adorned in elegant, flowing dresses with seashell motifs and pearls that radiate an irresistible charm, turning heads with every step. Some will be clad in leather armor, sleek helmets, and bold weaponry giving them a martial edge, making a statement with their fearless and powerful presence. Yet what brings these divine attires to living? It takes the magical touch of a creator: a designer. 

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Anthony Ramirez

Anthony Ramirez’s creation

Anthony Ramirez’s creation draws inspiration from the Princess of Mars, a character from the 2012 Disney film, John Carter. Titled “Goddess of Mars”, the ensemble showcases a flowing red dress paired with revealing cutoffs, accentuating the model’s toned figure. The choice of red, contrasting with the film’s predominant gold color, aligns with the imagery of the planet Mars, creating a striking interpretation of the Martian princess’s allure.

Bonita Penaranda of Just Bonita

Bonita Penaranda’s creation

Bonita Penaranda’s design is a poignant tribute to a fallen angel, entrusted with the solemn duty of safeguarding humanity from malevolent spirits. The design combines elements of open, flowing sleeves with free-spirited fabrics that drape and cascade around her, mirroring the essence of her celestial origin. In a blend of grey and black, punctuated with tasteful accents of gold, the ensemble captures the complex interplay of light and darkness that defines her mission.

Martin Bautista

Martin Bautista’s creation

Martin Bautista’s look is a Greek goddess come to life wrapped in silk jersey fantasy. This matching ensemble consists of an off-shoulder top with a graceful fabric cascade, giving her an aura of both strength and grace. The broad shoulders signify the power to protect, while the skirt and the flowing fabric alongside her are like a dynamic current of electricity, embodying vitality and energy.

The Opulence Ball, a night of divine transformations and sartorial magic, stands as proof of the limitless imaginative vistas unlocked when mythology and style converge. These designers—Anthony Ramirez, Bonita Penaranda, and Martin Bautista—have brought timeless myths and celestial beings to life through their visionary interpretations. Here, gods and goddesses, both from antiquity and the present day carve their niche of opulence that sparkles with charm. We can’t help but wonder if their creations would indeed come to life.

Featured Image: THE OPULENCE BALL (via Instagram)

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