Here’s How Maymay Upgraded the Classic Red

Here’s How Maymay Upgraded the Classic Red


Red-the color of power, passion, war and love. This fiery hue’s classic yet contemporary shade commands attention wherever you go. Whether you want to stand out in a crowd or decide to just add some extra heat, this crimson color offers you all the ferocity you need. Here are all the times Maymay Entrata taught us how to wear the bold shade the chic way.

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Red cape dress by MARK BUMGARNER and red stocking by LEG LOVE

1. Head to Toe

It may seem daunting to pull off a monochromatic look especially in brights, but Maymay fearlessly dons crimson from head-to-toe. Aside from looking like a vision, this old yet still unforgettable styling trick of wearing just one color makes you look lean and longer, adding a few inches to your actual height. 


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Red halter long dress by MARK BUMGARNER

2. Play With Textures

Mix and match different textured fabrics for that extra oomph. The key to nailing this trend is balance. Pair plain tops or bottoms with ruffles, knit, sheer and more to add volume.


Red knitted turtle neck by BENCH, red jumpsuit by MARK BUMGARNER, and red obi belt by LIZA PADILLA

3. Layers, Layers, and Layers

Ever heard of Coco Chanel’s infamous quote, “Before you leave the house, look in the mirror and take one thing off?” Maymay shows us that it isn’t exactly the antidote for every fashion dilemma. Wearing multiple layers of varied textures, cuts and shades of one color add dimension to any outfit without making it seem dull.


Red knitted turtle neck by BENCH, red jumpsuit by MARK BUMGARNER,

4. Make A Statement

Still afraid of rocking red? Start small with accessories. Statement earrings in various shapes and sizes be it in form of tassels, hoops, studs are all the rage right now as seen on the spring runways of Versus Versace, Christopher Kane, and Marc Jacobs.


On Maymay Red halter long dress by MARK BUMGARNER. On Edward Red Jacket by RANDY ORTIZ

5. Be Bold

Not one to shy away from the spotlight, Maymay proves that she embodies the essence of red. All powerful, courageous, and strong with a tinge of danger in her eyes, but not too much. After all, this is the world she conquered, and we are all just a part of it.


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