Here’s How You Can Thrift Like a Fashion Stylist

Here’s How You Can Thrift Like a Fashion Stylist


From online to in-store thrifting, here are a few tips on how to shop responsibly like a fashion stylist

The era of thrifting is going nowhere but up, and we are witnessing the surge of shops from left to right in both social media and physical stores. While there are merits when it comes to buying secondhand pieces, there are moments when it does get overwhelming once we see the endless racks in the store, or when online shops continuously post their curated collection. To avoid that from happening, we interviewed two fashion stylists who are versed in the world of thrifting to share some tips on how we can shop responsibly the next time we’re planning to do so. 

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Do it with a clear mind

As mentioned, we want to prevent impulsive buys when we’re thrifting. These stores are made for dutiful buying so it defeats its purpose if we were simply shopping out of spontaneity. Fashion stylist Martina Mendiola listed down two key pointers that help her narrow down her choices: be decisive and align it with your body type and lifestyle. Having these tips in mind will give you the parameters when you’re out roaming around the store or when your favorite online thrift store posts the teasers of the next drop. 

MEGAStyle Fashion Tips Thrifting

A long-term mindset 

We are emphasizing the message of longevity since we’re in the era of micro trends in fashion. If you’re shopping in actual stores, carefully examine the clothes to see if the quality is worth the price and if they can be worn for a long time. These are tips shared by fashion stylist Jones Palteng. This is a trick that Martina supports when she said that she often visualizes the pieces to check if they’re timeless and versatile enough to last the years. 

MEGAStyle Fashion Tips Thrifting

Physical stores

For those who like looking through the racks, Jones is quite the expert when it comes to searching for the gems in the rubble. He already scored a couple of designer pieces and quality clothes that the stylist has in his archives to this day. So where does he go? He isn’t picky in his choice of stores since he mentioned he likes to go anywhere and everywhere. If you have an eye for searching, then you’re bound to find clothes that are in good shape. 

A trick Jones goes by when he thrifts is that he doesn’t let go of the items unless you’re decided not to get it. If you saw it, then there’s a possibility that someone else will and just might take it. 

Online options

If you’re the type to wait for the next collection in your go-to online thrift store, then Martina has got quite the roster of Instagram accounts you might want to follow. Smart casual yet comfortable? You can check Clarita’s Closet since they have a line of neutral clothes in their store. How about Y2K inspired collections for some variety? The Sunset Archive can give you your statement picks and understated pieces that will definitely elevate your wardrobe. 

MEGAStyle Fashion Tips Thrifting

Professional shopping

Having a disciplined practice when you’re shopping is already a step closer to a sustainable lifestyle. May it be from conscious shopping or curating your wardrobe, give yourself some credit when you’re already applying such habits when you shop. And if you’re stuck in the adrenaline of impromptu spending, it’s never too late to try out these fashion stylist-approved tips for your next thrift. 


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