Here’s What Coffee Lovers Can Enjoy at This New Boutique Store Concept at TriNoma

Here’s What Coffee Lovers Can Enjoy at This New Boutique Store Concept at TriNoma


More than simply a great cup of coffee, people want an experience. That’s what Nespresso brings to its newly opened boutique concept at Ayala Malls TriNoma

Today’s fast-paced world allows coffee lovers to get their cups quickly and go about their day with drive-thrus and mobile ordering. But for the regulars looking for community, for the aficionados interested in the production of the blends and roasts, and for the Filipino consumers whose satisfaction depends on the experience they receive—Nespresso Philippines is in a position to completely transform the local coffee industry with their newest boutique at Ayala Malls TriNoma, the first of its kind in Southeast Asia.

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Nespresso Philippines debuts its newest innovation that redefines the Filipino coffee experience

Coffee is now a social ritual in our market—a comforting daily routine, a reason for gathering of old and new friends, and even a hobby or a passion for some. Nespresso continues to answer to this by providing exceptional coffee craftsmanship and ensuring customer satisfaction. In a holistic environment of quality, innovation, and education, the boutique aims to create meaningful interactions and a complete immersion in the coffee for the Filipino consumer.

Patrick Pesengco, Managing Director of Novateur Coffee Concepts, Nespresso’s exclusive distributor in the Philippines, says, “The TriNoma boutique will redefine the way people engage with and enjoy coffee. Here, we will be able to showcase the best of Nespresso’s savoir-faire and innovation through immersive and sensorial experiences.”

What’s New?

This boutique revolutionizes new ways into enjoying our coffee. The Coffee As An Art area is a “coffee theater” which, via masterclass courses and events, cultivates the passion for coffee. The Taste & Discover table, meanwhile, switches you from being a regular customer to your own barista—create your own coffee recipe with a video tutorial or the assistance of a specialist nearby. In the Art of Circularity, Nespresso’s sustainability efforts are spotlighted through interactive dashboards and customer participation. Nespresso & You, on the other hand, give club members personalization services and a more in-depth look into Nespresso’s advocacies and programs.

Make your own coffee and take pride in the beverage made by your own hands

Finally, the Coffee & Style space features an eye-catching display of Nespresso machines and accessories, along with their iconic sleeve wall that vividly displays the coffee flavors and blends offered by the brand. This boutique is the first among the Nespresso stores to have a lounge as well, where customers can savor every sip of their cup, relax, and interact.

A collection of Nespresso’s machines and accessories are on display at the boutique—perfect for the coffee enthusiast

Key Pillars

While this community-building is a highlight and an innovation to better customer involvement in the art and process of Nespresso’s coffee, the heart of the boutique is first, their commitment to sustainability, and second, the local touch of Filipino culture represented in the design of the shop. 

Enjoy your brew at the lounge area

The core value of sustainability has always been integrated into the Nespresso brand, but its expression in the new TriNoma boutique invites consumers to participate as well by having a nook where you can return your used coffee capsules. “Sustainability is part of what we are,” Fabio De Gregorio, Regional Business Development Manager at Nespresso Asia, tells MEGA in an exclusive interview. “The coffee quality is core to what we do, but to achieve this, we need sustainable practices. That goes from the coffee farmers to the end result, so that we not only offer great coffee, but we also offer sustainable coffee. The used capsules will be recycled and the coffee grounds will be used for compost.” Nespresso is also in partnership with NVC Foundation’s livelihood program ‘Artisans of Hope’ where the used capsules are upcycled into handmade art pieces that provide a sustainable source of livelihood and income to the community.

Second, Filipino culture is fused into the boutique’s interior. “The local touch is seen on the flooring,” Fabio continues. “This flooring represents the wood that you find in some heritage houses in the Philippines, which is inspired by the salakot.” The salakot is a traditional Filipino hat made from rattan or bamboo that has become, historically, a symbol of Filipino identity.  “That’s the highlight we wanted to bring, since we are opening the boutique here in the Philippines,” he shares.

Have a feast for the eyes with the iconic sleeve wall

The Filipino Coffee Market

Debuting this latest boutique design in the Philippines, the first in Southeast Asia, is indicative of the nation’s increasing desire for higher standards in retail and coffee experiences. When they are given a better and holistic encounter with how they consume their coffee, returning for a new brew is a no-brainer. “The Philippines is an important market. The way people adapt to good coffee is increasing day by day, there are a lot of coffee shops here. So we said this is a country that we want to bring our newest innovation to. Because we feel that there is a momentum and we have people that are looking for very good coffee and we believe it’s good for us to be there,” Fabio explains. “That’s why we selected the Philippines.”

The Nespresso TriNoma boutique opened on April 24, Wednesday, with a ribbon-cutting ceremony alongside Nespresso coffee ambassador Nico Bolzico and wife Solenn Heusaff.

Photos and Featured Image: NESPRESSO PHILIPPINES

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