This New Local Mobile App Makes Getting Your Daily Cup of Coffee Easy

This New Local Mobile App Makes Getting Your Daily Cup of Coffee Easy


A refreshing coffee fix is every Filipino’s daily essential. PICKUP COFFEE’s mobile app can now give you faster and more convenient barista-quality coffee, deals, and rewards.

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Whether it’s a wake-up call, an energy boost, or just a drink for a sit-down with friends or colleagues, you can never walk past a coffee shop anywhere in the country without it buzzing with people. But for those who need a quick, easy, and quality picker-upper, PICKUP COFFEE is the go-to. This beloved local brand has given Filipinos a new caffeine experience with its outdoor trucks spread across Metro Manila and beyond, high-quality beverages with prices starting as low as P50, and now—the utmost convenience with their newest PICKUP App.

Currently serving the larger Filipino population, the brand now has its own fully integrated mobile platform. The app is designed with your busy lifestyle in mind, so to everyone in a hurry but needs a caffeine rush, the PICKUP App is easy to use and very convenient for grab and go. 

Filipinos love their coffee, so to make it affordable, high-quality, with a broad selection of flavors and variants that specifically indulges the Filipino palate, and even more accessible via mobile? The brand’s continuous journey, from small-store formats in 221 locations nationwide, to catering to the needs of the local coffee market, has always prioritized price, proximity, and convenience. “We had in mind the consumers—our ever-busy and ever-driven consumers,” Vice President for Marketing Bien Lee shares. “How do we make sure that everyone gets an even more convenient PICKUP COFFEE experience?”

Without having to go through the fuss of traveling and standing in line and waiting, your beverage can be pre-ordered through the app; the app saves you time so you can focus on higher priorities on your list. On its launch day at SM Megamall, with the brand announcing star Kyle Echarri as its newest ambassador, PICKUP COFFEE spotlights these features on the phone:


“You can skip the line when you order ahead just by using the app. Pick the time, your order, and the nearest branch,” Matteo Gancayco, Marketing Head of Consumer Business announces. It’s literally just for picking up, no need to wait. Keep track and stay updated with your order as well, and the app notifies you when your beverage is ready!


“Who doesn’t enjoy a good deal? You can get up to 50% off every time you top up,” he continues to share. “This is amazing especially for those who love their coffee daily.” Pay your way through GCash or Maya and enjoy deals you don’t want to miss—a dream for the coffee-lover.

PICKUP Rewards

“Whenever you get your PICKUP, you earn a stamp, and eventually, as you collect these stamps, you can redeem it and claim rewards,” he shares. These goodies include a planner, tote bag, a classic PICKUP cup for your day-to-day, and PICKUP crystals (mini-cups that contain Arabica beans that dissolve instantly in hot or cold liquids).

“Convenience, value, and reward is nothing new to the Filipino consumer, but PICKUP COFFEE is in a perfect position to really make people aware of how easy it is to actually realize these kinds of things,” Matteo tells MEGA in a brief exclusive interview. “While the PICKUP App has been there for a while, now is the time when we can really put these features forward. We really want our consumers to enjoy something so simple yet so impactful. We feel that the speed, the deals, and the rewards are very relevant and essential to every coffee consumer.”

Download the app here and get one free cup of coffee on your first purchase. Aside from tasty espressos, the brand’s Summer Coolers are still on the menu. Get a refreshing taste of fruit flavors such as watermelon, mango, berries, and lychee mixed in with coffee.

In the digital age, PICKUP COFFEE is riding the wave of the Philippines’ shift in F&B purchasing behaviors, favoring more digitally enabled and preordering services. With the brand’s new app, consumers now have access to their hyper-localized menu on their mobile device, seamless one-click ordering process, and real-time order monitoring. 

Photos and Featured Image: PICKUP COFFEE

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