Here’s What We Want to See in Kathryn Bernardo’s TikTok

Here’s What We Want to See in Kathryn Bernardo’s TikTok


The actress is finally joining the TikTok craze and we have our fingers crossed that she does these type of content herself

From the era of blogging to the rise of vlogs, Kathryn Bernardo made sure to connect with her fans in many ways. And now, the actress created her own TikTok, which delighted her supporters! Over the years, the multi-hyphenate has shown her #fyp star potential with some of her funny Instagram posts and Twitter replies. Even with her first upload, she already knows what’s trending— the lato-lato

@bernardokath Lato-lato but make it fasyown. Hello, TikTok world! 👋🏻🤭 #kathvslatolato ♬ original sound – Kath Bernardo

For sure, Kathryn has a lot in store for us in terms of her TikTok creativity. But while we’re waiting for more, here are some content ideas that we bet she’ll surely ace! 

Kathryn Bernardo TikTok

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Making wacky pet content

The actress is a true blue animal lover and she treats her pets as her own children, so letting her fur babies join in her videos will be a cute treat. Hopping on with this recent trend, the fur mom in her will definitely not mind sharing the spotlight with her kids. 

@thekhaleesicat Consider this Khaleesi’s audition to The Little Mermaid 2 🐠🌊 #Disney #littlemermaid #catsoftiktok #petsoftiktok #partofyourworld ♬ Part of Your World – From "The Little Mermaid" – Halle

Daniel taking over

For last year’s Valentine’s Day, KathNiel made a sit down video with Daniel answering questions he has never heard from Kath before. Wouldn’t it be cool, this time around, if he takes over while his girlfriend is doing her makeup? DJ’s daring spirit might just say yes to this! 

@loringabriella highly requested makeup tutorial narrated by my lola hahahaha she doesnt know how tiktok works so i had to guide her and her netflix is playing in the background #fyp #grwm ♬ original sound – lorin

Getting ready with her fans

Kathryn once mentioned that in another life, she would have been a makeup artist. It would be nice for her to take a deep dive on what products work for her. If she wants to up her game, a makeup challenge will truly be one for the books!


6 m flight be like

♬ cardigan – Taylor Swift

Showing her style

It is safe to say that outside her celebrity on-duty looks, she has solidified her personal style as well. Just like any of us, the 27-year old has her own process of choosing her outfits. We might just get lucky and get into her dress up ways very soon!


happy mdw 🤍

♬ The Boys a Liar x Aint No Mountain High Enough – Yvie’s Revenge

Recreating her iconic lines

Now that she is on TikTok, Kathryn will finally see her throwback videos as a child star. From her kikay lines to her taray dialogues, we hope this can push her to take on a kontrabida role next time.

Photos: KATHRYN BERNARDO (via Instagram)

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