Here’s Why Melai’s Ma’am Chief: Shakedown in Seoul is a Must-See

Here’s Why Melai’s Ma’am Chief: Shakedown in Seoul is a Must-See


Melai Cantiveros-Francisco is back on the big screen with Ma’am Chief: Shakedown in Seoul, and here is why you shouldn’t miss PULP Studios’ first film

Talking about Philippine comedy is no longer complete without Melai Cantiveros-Francisco in the picture. Since her Pinoy Big Brother stint in 2009, the comedienne has proven how laughter is not just the best medicine, but also a natural state in life through her interactions with the housemates and even Big Brother himself. Whether she is playing a character or interviewing a personality, expect a joyful time with the way she delivers her spiels and builds genuine connections with anyone. Dare we say she is this generation’s Comedy Queen, and her newest film, Ma’am Chief: Shakedown in Seoul, proves that. 

Melai Cantiveros Ma'am Chief Shakedown in Seoul movie film PULP Studios

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The movie, directed by Korean entertainment emcee Kring Kim and conceptualized by “Inang Reyna” Happee Sy-Go, features Melai as a policewoman who takes her sleuthing skills in South Korea to capture the suspect she has been eyeing for years. Premiering tomorrow, November 15, in cinemas nationwide, the movie is a must-watch for those who want a good laugh with depth. And with that, MEGA Entertainment rounds up more reasons why you shouldn’t miss this film. 

It is more than a comedy film

Reminiscent of Philippine comedies with comical elements and dramatic scenes, Ma’am Chief achieved this perfect balance mainly with its story. Injecting themes of friendship, family, and bayanihan into the picture made it a comedy with depth. By coupling the film with action and dramatic scenes, expect an audience who are on the edge of their seats for either laughing at the characters’ landing a joke, rooting for them to achieve their missions, or relating to the struggles of Selda, Melai’s character, as a breadwinner, police officer, and individual who wants to prove something in life. 

It gives us a glimpse of Korean culture

Apart from the Filipino cast, several Korean names also joined the film to complete its Seoul feel, including Gabrielle Choi, Moon Kyung, Do Ji-Han, Yuju, Ju Young Ha, Seongjin Park, Hyeonyul Kim, Suya Lee, Ji Yong Park, and Lee Seung-Gi. Besides these talented names, you will also have the film take you around Korea, making it your own guide if you are planning to visit or go back anytime soon. Last but definitely not least, you will witness the entertainment value that Koreans put into their production with Ma’am Chief especially in the camerawork.

It resonates with Filipino fans

The comedy side of things is just one aspect that makes the film entertaining and worth watching. Adding to this is how fangirling will be tied in the story, especially how powerful the impact of Filipinos can be in showing their support for their K-Pop idols. This is definitely not a surprise for PULP with their background on concert production in the country. A number of scenes will definitely make you see yourself in the film, especially if you are a K-Pop fan.


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