Hotel Sunnies Is Fully Booked, But Here’s How You Can Get In On The Fun

Hotel Sunnies Is Fully Booked, But Here’s How You Can Get In On The Fun


In the spirit of giving and generosity, Sunnies Studios is letting you in on their one-of-a-kind design endeavor in Hotel Sunnies. A word of caution though: All dates are fully booked. However, you can still join the fun here.

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It looks like the holidays have fully gotten into the consciousness of the people that everyone is already keeping an eagle-eyed gaze into their next great escape. While the postcard-perfect and highly engaging social media proof of life is still within a great reach, the next best thing would be a quick staycation at a hotel within an amenable periphery.

Following their tradition of trying to do something fun and exciting during the season of merriment, Sunnies Studios is setting up a real life holiday experience inside an actual hotel. From just a gifting suite during the Christmas season two years back, the well-loved brand designs a series of interactive rooms, feel-good installations, and a special gift shop with exclusive limited-edition merch that realizes everything they love for the holidays.

Here’s the clincher though: It is so hotly anticipated that just within an hour of announcement, tickets for the Hotel Sunnies pop-up on November 27, 28, and 29 completely sold out.

For the lucky ones who were able to book their stay at Hotel Sunnies, they are set to live out the design exercise and vision turned reality that celebrates the spirit of sharing. More than it being a sensorial and visceral experience, 100% of the sales from the once-in-a-lifetime-space will go to MovEd, an organization dedicated to providing quality education opportunities for communities that lack access. Yes, there will be photos and memories made, but at the end of it all, the spirit of generosity threads through the establishment, benefiting children and a democratic quest for quality knowledge. Now, isn’t that what Christmas is all about after all?

The Hotel Sunnies festivities may be sold out, but it doesn’t mean you can’t be in on the fun and spirit of the season. To follow the experience online, log on to their website or follow them on Instagram for by-the-second updates and a slice of vicarious living. This way, no one truly gets left behind.

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