How Miguel Romulo Fell in Love and Started His Art Collection

How Miguel Romulo Fell in Love and Started His Art Collection


Beyond the online glimpses, Miguel Romulo holds a secret artistic passion—perhaps unnoticed due to his reserved nature

This is an excerpt from MEGA’s February 2024 Issue

As you step into Miguel Romulo’s place, you’re greeted by a wide-open space that feels both roomy and carefully curated. It’s not cluttered, but every corner holds something special that catches your eye. It’s what his girlfriend, content creator Rei Germar, teasingly calls a “man cave” or a typical bachelor pad. Look around, and you’ll see his unit adorned with contemporary artwork, Bearbrick toys, and skateboards, among other things. While the team is setting things up for the shoot, Romulo, out of nowhere, casually asks, “Do you watch anime?”—a simple question that peels back a layer of his personality.

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Where it all began

Miguel Romulo talks about the beginning of his art passion.
Miguel Romulo talks about the beginning of his art passion

“I started collecting toys at an early age,” he reflects. “I think my taste for it just evolved overtime, from anime figures to hot toys and now to more collectibles like Bearbrick. Maybe this is me healing my inner child.” Romulo takes a trip down memory lane, sharing that at 12, he began doodling and displaying his anime-inspired drawings in his room. At the time, it was merely a pastime, but little did he anticipate that these childhood pursuits would stay with him indefinitely.

Romulo has certainly had a genuine affinity for various art forms. Some of his fond memories include borrowing his dad’s vintage Canon camera for travel snapshots. College also marked a pivotal phase, where he pursued communication arts, nurturing an intensified passion for films and photography. “Now, I’m happy I get to see different parts of the world while appreciating art and immortalizing memories through photos,” he says. Over time, his interests widened, guiding him toward the world of paintings. “I’ve grown to love paintings and slowly acquired pieces that caught my attention. So I guess my passion for art was a gradual thing that is still currently evolving.”

Painting pursuits

The content creator gives a glimpse into his growing painting collection
The content creator gives a glimpse into his growing painting collection

In a defining moment, the 28-year-old gentleman vividly remembers deciding to take his painting collection seriously. “I was watching a YouTube video of G Dragon’s apartment tour,” he recalls. “I was fascinated by how well-curated his place is. I love how every piece is so unique, but somehow they all go together. His entire place is a reflection of his personality.” 

He currently owns paintings by Filipino artists. “I got my first painting online,” he shares. “I came across Arvin Santos’s page and instantly liked his works and got a painting named ‘Imaginary World.’ Then, I visited the Modern and Contemporary Art Festival back in 2022 and got ‘Medusa’ by Anne Barless under Secret Fresh Gallery. Lastly, ‘Rizal 1’ by Raymond Guevarra was actually gifted to me by my girlfriend and I believe it’s from Modeka Art.” 

Clearly inclined toward contemporary pieces, he points to “Imaginary World” by Arvin Santos as the one that resonates with him the most. “My mind is often cluttered, thinking about too many things at once—Santos’s piece hit me right away,” he explains.

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