How Reph Bangsil’s Interest in Cars Fueled His Content Creation Journey 

How Reph Bangsil’s Interest in Cars Fueled His Content Creation Journey 


Reph Bangsil gives MEGA Man an inside look at the driving forces behind his content creation career 

Buckle up for a ride and meet Reph Bangsil, the man behind the wheel of some of your favorite car videos online. In this MEGA Man exclusive, the content creator shifts into full gear, sharing the story of how his passion for cars kicked off and revealing the paths he plans to conquer next.

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Revved-up beginnings

@rephbangsil Here’s what went down on Leg 2 of the Vios Cup! 🏁 Thanks to everyone that came by, congratulated, & supported this event! See you guys on Nov 11 for Leg 3! 🏎️ #TGRViosCup2023 #ToyotaGazooRacing ♬ original sound – Reph Bangsil

“I remember that the first time I held a car key in my hands was at four years old.” Even though he cannot find the exact photo anymore, he vividly recalls wishing to turn 16 at that time so that he would be allowed to drive. “I just love how owning a car can make you feel independent and how it can take you to places that you’ve never been before. The whole idea of traveling on your own and being away from where you are—it’s very peaceful,” he explains. 

They say that every man has a soft spot for his first car, and for Reph Bangsil, it was far from the high-octane rides he’s known for now. His debut on the road? An old Jeep at 16. He recalls the days of squeezing eight or nine friends into it, admitting with a laugh, “I remember I wasn’t embarrassed of it at first, but eventually, I realized I can’t bring people on dates in this car. I need to have a proper one.” 

His collection 

Reph with his 1974 Ford Maverick

A true testament to his love for wheels, Reph admits that he has owned up to nearly 30 cars. Currently, he’s cruising with a selective four: the Mercedes-Benz C-Class W204, a 2000 Mazda Miata MX-5, a 2002 Mitsubishi Evolution 7 GTA, and a 1974 Ford Maverick. 

Driven to create

The content creator shared that he looked up to various Western influencers’ talent for telling stories about cars, especially when they discuss how older vehicles pack character and personality that newer ones can’t match. This admiration began his content journey a decade ago, but he said that he believes that the real traction in his content only hit in 2017 and ignited more during the pandemic.

Reph Bangsil at the third leg of the Toyota Motor Philippines 2023 Vios Cup
Reph Bangsil at the third leg of the Toyota Motor Philippines 2023 Vios Cup

Outside content creation

Born into a family of entrepreneurs and professionals, Reph’s early ambitions leaned towards entrepreneurship. Yet, a taste of corporate life redirected his course. “I knew that I was good at speaking. That’s how I stumbled upon creating content,” he shares. Despite this, Bangsil reveals that he remains connected to his entrepreneurial side, overseeing various businesses today.

His proudest moments

@rephbangsil We flew to Singapore to witness over 170+ competitors from the Philippines, Vietnam, Myanmar, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Thailand, Taiwan, and Cambodia fight it out for several days, rain or shine, to ultimately bring home a car to their country! This is the 19th year of the Tan Chong Car Challenge and here’s what went down! See you guys next year! #TanChongCarChallenge ♬ original sound – Reph Bangsil

Reflecting on his proudest moments, Reph recalls the thrill of driving the Nissan Almera with Nissan Philippines from Manila to Boracay—an exhilarating yet crazy adventure that left him beaming. Another highlight was Subaru flying him to Singapore for the Subaru Palm Challenge, an endurance battle where the final contender keeping their palm on the car emerged victorious, an experience Bangsil describes as “very magical.”

Steering creativity

“I’m actually not really too technical. I’m not the most perfect car reviewer. Everything I talk about comes from experience.”

Reph Bangsil on his approach to keeping his content consistently engaging

Reph outlines his content creation approach, revealing that the ultimate secret lies in relatability. He shares a candid perspective, much like any guy, admitting that he rarely delves into the technical nitty-gritty of spec sheets. “I describe a car based on how I feel it,” he casually adds. It’s this emotional connection that sets the tone for his content, giving his audience a more personal and relatable take on the automotive world but it doesn’t stop there. Reph shares that he also actively seeks out people’s experiences, making sure to engage them in his journey and learn from their insights, too. 

Fueling future feats

Beyond managing businesses, Reph is actively broadening his content creation horizons, venturing into lifestyle, fashion, and motivation to elevate his game. Reflecting on a pivotal moment in 2021, he candidly admits to burnout from his automotive focus, leading to the sale of his cars and even getting into the world of motorcycles. As we wrapped up our chat, the young gentleman shares that his current aspirations extend beyond personal success; he aims to be a role model for other guys and hopes to achieve greater success to give back to his community. Indeed, it’s this drive to diversify and inspire that adds depth to his journey beyond just being a content creator.

Photos: REPH BANGSIL (via Instagram)

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