How to Give Your Handbags a Personalized Jane Birkin Twist

How to Give Your Handbags a Personalized Jane Birkin Twist


Want to get on the bandwagon of accessorizing your bags? Here’s how you can do it the way Jane Birkin did, but with an updated twist

Personalizing has been a favorite activity to do amongst Gen Z. Whether it’s a decorated phone case or a custom accessory, best believe that they’re all made with a little quirk. That’s why we’re not all that surprised to see it happen on handbags, and we’re taken back to when Jane Birkin gave her bags a playful look by accessorizing them in a maximalist way. So if you want to join in on the fun, here’s how you can do it with a trendy twist. 

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Thinking of doing it the Jane Birkin way? Think vintage. Grab some laces and scarves for a soft finish, and add in some trinkets like lockets and beaded strings for some texture. Keep in mind that they don’t have to look well-matched! They just need the right amount of clutter for that Jane Birkin vibe. 

Coach bag
Photo: COACH (via Instagram)


It is no secret that rosettes had their time in 2023, and there are those who are still using the motif in their designs. You can add one or two on your bag by having it hang on the straps, and make sure they differ in color and size for it to stand out.

rosettes on bags
Photo: SOLEIL GOLDEN (via Instagram)


We’re giving credit to the sudden interest towards fashion designers Simone Rocha and Sandy Liang, whom ultimately led the uprise of bows. For this type of accessory, you can opt for a simple approach by tying a ribbon around the bottom of the handle, but if you want a chic twist, look for pre-made bows that you can glue on a different strap so you can add it on both sides of the handle. 

bows on bags

Y2K Keychains

Whether you’re thinking of chainlinks or beaded cords, having a Y2K feel is a staple aesthetic for any Gen Z. Feel free to have it on one strap or link it across the other, but the key here is to make it look somewhat random and not too cohesive.

Y2K bag
Photo: CINZIA BAYLIS ZULLO (via Instagram)

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