How To Wear Red and Command Attention Like Janine Gutierrez

How To Wear Red and Command Attention Like Janine Gutierrez


Step into Janine Gutierrez’s wardrobe, an inferno of style where her fashion choices ignite. Be inspired by the ways she confidently wears the color red.

The color red stands as an unequivocal testament to boldness, confidence, and unbridled intensity. From fiery lips to scarlet nails, red has entrenched itself as an integral element of a commanding presence. If you’re seeking inspiration on how to wield this passionate color with finesse, look no further than Janine Gutierrez—no dirty linen required.

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A flight of finesse and fire

In a look by Martin Bautista, the actress takes flight with finesse and confidence. The lower half of the ensemble has the material expertly ruched in an upward motion, leading to one side, where a sole, elongated fabric is entrenched, flowing in front of her. 

Dress by Martin Bautistca

The upper portion of the garment adopts a body-hugging silhouette to accentuate Guiterrez’s figure with utmost justice. Two thin straps traverse the shoulders, leading to a wider yet slightly shorter fabric that adds a cape-like detail at the back. The thoughtful design imparts a sense of motion and fluidity as the wearer moves.

Flames of pleats

It’s pleats galore in this dress by MEGA YDC alum, Rajo Laurel. The pleats flow like gentle flames, adding an intriguing texture to the ensemble. Gutierrez effortlessly embodies a role reminiscent of a soulful mermaid or a sophisticated siren in this elegant look.

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Dress by Rajo Laurel

The pleats in the dress lead to one side, where they meet the bodice seamlessly, forming a fold at the top. This design choice introduces layers to the overall look, enhancing the ensemble with a touch of divine texture.

Corset charm

Who says red demands a dress code? Take a glance at the actress, effortlessly donning a red corset top paired with flared black trousers. The ensemble, though simple, exudes a magnetic charm, striking a balance between carefree vibes and undeniable style.

Styled by MJ Benitez

The red corset top becomes the focal point, adding a pop of color that commands attention. The simplicity of the black flared trousers serves as the perfect counterpart, creating a harmonious contrast that elevates the overall aesthetic. What makes this ensemble truly noteworthy is the red corset itself. While structured in design, it manages to convey a sense of gentleness to the touch and feel through the soft fabric that wraps around the actress.

Fire walks with her

In this striking Vania Romoff ensemble, fire seems to walk in step with the actress. The bodice, adorned with flame-inspired details at the top, perfectly mirrors the fiery passion embodied by her on-screen persona in Dirty Linen, especially suited for a revengeful vibe. 

Dress by Vania Romoff

The symbolism of flames hints at the intensity and fervor within. Playing with fire often carries a cautionary note—“play with fire, and you’ll get burned.” However, in the case of Gutierrez, she becomes the embodiment of fire itself, radiating power and intensity. The ensemble transforms into a metaphorical expression of her scorching presence. It’s a case where a literal viewpoint makes the most sense, aligning with her character’s fierce and fiery personality.

Prints and passion burn bright

Transitioning to patterns and prints, Gutierrez breathes life into the color red in a floral creation by Bonita Penaranda. In this botanical look, red floral patterns hang below her like living leaves, a perpetual cycle of resurfacing and falling. On the flip side, the plaid ensemble by Self-Portrait introduces circular rings that adorn the fabric’s surface by the sides. Black ties, looking like adjustable elements, are strategically placed, creating the illusion that they can be pulled and tightened around.

Dress by Bonita Peneranda
Dress by Self-Portrait

Staying true to the fiery theme, Gutierrez cranks up the heat quite literally in this dress that’s inspired by infared thermal images. The bodycon dress encapsulates sensors that seem to intuitively know she belongs to the realm of intensity. No goggles are needed.

Styled by Studio 24c

The actress sets herself ablaze with her fearless embrace of the color red. From fiery ensembles that symbolize her strong commanding presence to the elegant dance of pleats reminiscent of flames, her wardrobe is a veritable inferno of passion and style. Whether she’s donning a red corset or navigating the intricate patterns, one thing is clear: Janine Gutierrez commands elements of fire with a passionate response that leaves a style inspiration in their wake.

Photos: JANINE GUTIERREZ and STUDIO 24C (via Instagram)
Featured Image: STUDIO 24C (via Instagram)

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