I Tried Replacing My Morning Coffee With Berroca For A Week—Here's What Happened

I Tried Replacing My Morning Coffee With Berroca For A Week—Here's What Happened


Here’s what happened when I started every day of a week with Berroca instead of coffee!
The hardest part about giving up coffee is giving up coffee. From its taste and the boost you get with caffeine—those were the things I would definitely miss when I decided to give it up for a week. And as I give up the coffee, I decided to pick up the performance booster everyone has been talking about: Berroca!

This effervescent drink works not only as multivitamins but as well as energy and performance booster without the caffeine or other artificial stimulants. I was a little skeptical at how Berroca would change my day without the help of everyone’s favorite frienemy, caffeine. But I gave it a try and here’s what happened:

The Pros

Game changer” is already a bit of understatement for one tablet. To get the best of multivitamins is already a big plus for me. I wouldn’t call myself a health buff and I would often forget to drink water so a boost from this drink definitely made me feel a lot healthier. The fizzy texture of the drink would definitely give you a refreshing push that is enough to wake you up, right then and there.
It also gave my wallet a relief. One pack costs as much as (if not less than) your favorite Starbucks coffee but would last you for at least two weeks! Now, I may not be the type of person to spend a lot on coffee every day but I have some splurge moments, especially with my favorite drink in the world. Thinking about how much Berroca I could have bought with that money makes me pause and ask myself, “is it really worth it?”

The Cons

Taking out the caffeine from my routine really took a toll on me. I would always be extra sleepy on my way to work (before taking Berroca). Though this would also translate to me having fewer stomach aches from hyperacidity. I wouldn’t exactly call it a bad thing. It was something I knew I could get used to after a while. Everything I had later experienced was due to some kind of withdrawal from caffeine.
So if you’re looking into giving up coffee for good, I would suggest to take it slow. I used to drink two cups a day at least. Start by lessening it to one a day if you have more than one in your daily routine. After a week, lessen it even more to every other day without the caffeine before finally letting it go completely.
I had experienced palpitations because of the abrupt change in my caffeine intake so make sure to take it slow and let your body adjust to the changes before completely letting go of the coffee.

The Verdict

Though I don’t think I will be able to completely give up coffee just yet, I think a few days without the caffeine can get me going as long as I have Berroca with me. It went from boosting my mood and productivity to making me feel healthier day by day real quick.
Right now, there are no negative side effects to having Berroca every day. In fact, the longer I drink it, the more positive results I get. Unlike coffee that gives me frequent tummy aches or acid reflux, Berroca keeps me healthy while keeping me alert. Plus, it’s more affordable than getting a daily dose of multivitamin pills from the drug store!

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