5 Budget-Friendly Date Ideas That You'll Actually Enjoy

5 Budget-Friendly Date Ideas That You'll Actually Enjoy


We put together 5 budget-friendly (maybe even free) date ideas that you’ll actually enjoy!
Whether it’s with your significant other or with yourself, a simple date night will never be a bad idea. While everyone is busy splurging on dates and me-time sessions, there’s always an option for you to try on things that may not even cost a dime.
So if you’re looking for date plans that won’t drill a hole in your pocket, we have a few ideas for you. Here are five date ideas that your wallet will thank you for:

1. Movie Marathon

There’s no place like home. And what better way to bond with your beau (or with yourself alone) than to watch all your favorite movies with him! Maybe catch up on all the movies you missed or look back on sober Lindsay Lohan. A movie marathon is always foolproof… and free!

2. Date For A Cause

If you and your partner have a soft spot for animals, people in need, or even the environment, volunteering together will always be a good date idea for you. Giving back to those in need will always give you the light feeling after and when you see the fruits of what you’ve done, I promise, it’s worth it.

3. Game Night

Board games, card games, dare games—any game will do! Pick up your dusty UNO cards or boggle your mind with a classic scrabble match. The only thing you will spend on is probably a new lipstick while you use one as punishment for the loser.

4. Nature Trip

Go out on a hike for a small fee (for the guide) or discover new places for free. Nature offers so much more and there’s always time to explore. Visit the wind farm at Pililia or hike up the Masungi Georeserve. Some beaches are free as well so if you’re more of the beach type, nature still has something for you!

5. Museum Tour

Free Entrance at Yuchengco Museum
While most museums aren’t free, a small price will always be worth it for the many things we can see, encounter, and learn in one. You can celebrate #InternationalMuseumDay (May 18) at Yuchengco Museum while it’s free and experience art at its finest.

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