Incorporate London Fashion Week Trends Into Your Wardrobe

Incorporate London Fashion Week Trends Into Your Wardrobe


Another fashion week has come and gone from a major metropolis, and it’s time to unlock the secrets of its runway and unleash them upon your own wardrobe. From ruffles that dance like confetti in the wind, tube tops with more personalities than a chameleon at a masquerade ball, to the revival of biker chic that could even make a leather jacket blush—these trends are the blueprint for your upcoming style saga. These are this season’s London Fashion Week trends.

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London fashion week trends
Photo: ERDEM (via Instagram)

Ruffles and flounces

Ruffles and flounces claimed the spotlight at LFW SS24, infusing a playful charm into skirts, dresses, and tops. Designers such as Susan Fang adorned ethereal tulle dresses with decorative accents, evoking an ethereal sense of weightlessness, while Bora Aksu adopted a more abundant approach, layering frills for a maximalist effect; Paolo Carzana, meanwhile, played and sculpted asymmetric spectrums with recycled fabric.

London fashion week trends
Photo: SUSAN FANG (via Instagram)
London fashion week trends
Photo: PAOLO CARZANA (via Instagram)

To infuse this trend into your wardrobe, opt for a ruffled blouse paired with tailored trousers for a chic office look or a frill-adorned skirt to elevate your evening attire.

Tube top renaissance

Tiny tube tops are making a bold comeback. Whether paired with deconstructed trousers as seen at Fashion East or worn with skirts à la Molly Goddard, the tube top showcases its versatility this season.

London fashion week trends
Photo: FASHION EAST (via Instagram)
London fashion week trends
Photo: MOLLY GODDARD (via Instagram)

To make it a part of your wardrobe, pair it with low-slung trousers for a trendy, edgy look. Alternatively, wear it with a high-waisted skirt for a more polished appearance. This minimalist marvel can be your go-to staple.

Sheer sensation

Paolo Carzana brought deconstructed transparency to the forefront, while Molly Goddard wowed us with fluffy, see-through dresses. Sheer fabrics create a sense of allure and sophistication, offering a unique way to showcase your style while keeping things light and airy.

Photo: PAOLO CARZANA (via Instagram)
Photo: MOLLY GODDARD (via Instagram)

Incorporating this trend into your wardrobe involves selecting sheer blouses, dresses, or skirts that align with your style. Layer these pieces over camisoles or bralettes to create a playful yet sophisticated look, whether you’re preparing for a night out on the town or opting for a casual daytime appearance.

Hip skin exposure

This season’s sexiest revelation is the hip that’s subtly exposed through clever cutouts, high-cut bodysuits, and hiked-up panties. Designers like David Koma, Chet Lo, and Supriya Lele showcased this trend, creating an irresistible allure that’s both sultry and understated. Embrace this daring trend and let your hips steal the spotlight.

lfw ss24 hips
Photo: CHET LO (via Instagram)
lfw ss24 hips
Photo: SIMON PLUS SIMON (via Instagram)

To make a statement, seek out garments featuring clever cutouts or high-cut bodysuits. These pieces can seamlessly integrate into your wardrobe, whether you’re considering dresses, bodysuits, or even swimwear for a daring beach ensemble.

Biker chic edge

The iconic biker jacket is back, studded and pierced, often worn over soft, flowing frocks for an effortless edge. Even designers like Erdem and Simone Rocha, feminine and soft as can be, couldn’t resist its song.

lfw ss24 biker
Photo: ERDEM (via Instagram)
lfw ss24 biker
Photo: SIMONE ROCHA (via Instagram)

This timeless staple invites you to experiment with your style. Whether you layer it over flowing dresses or pair it with jeans and a tee, the biker jacket can effortlessly transition between casual and chic, giving your look an air of rebellion and rock ‘n’ roll charm.

Flats reimagined

Comfort meets style with flats inspired by unexpected sources. Erdem drew inspiration from the nature of chickens, Simone Rocha put her spin on Crocs, and 16Arlington introduced quirky flats into the fashion lexicon. These unconventional flats prove that comfort can be chic and quirky.

lfw ss24 crocs
Photo: SIMONE ROCHA (via Instagram)
lfw ss24 sheer and flats
Photo: 16ARLINGTON (via Instagram)

Elevate your everyday style by seeking out designs inspired by nature or crafted from unique materials. These flats effortlessly complement your wardrobe, providing both comfort and a hint of eccentricity that makes your look uniquely yours.

Double-breasted dominance

The favored suit jacket of the season arrived oversized and double-breasted, offering a no-fuss approach to smart tailoring. Designers like JW Anderson and Burberry showcased this trend, presenting a fusion of elegance and modernity. Get ready to embrace the timeless charm of double-breasted jackets.

lfw ss24 blazer
Photo: JW ANDERSON (via Instagram)
lfw ss24 trench
Photo: BURBERRY (via website)

Incorporating this trend into your wardrobe is straightforward. Opt for oversized styles that provide a contemporary twist on classic elegance. Pair them with tailored pants or jeans for a versatile and polished appearance that effortlessly transitions between formal and casual settings.

Floral flourish

Florals, while not groundbreaking for spring, took on various forms at LFW SS24. Rosettes and other floral motifs bloomed throughout the collections, from David Koma and Ashish to Richard Quinn and Mains. Dive into the floral trend in its myriad forms and let your style bloom.

lfw ss24 flower
Photo: MAINS (via Instagram)
lfw ss24 flower
Photo: DAVID KOMA (via Instagram)

To infuse it into your wardrobe, seek out floral dresses, tops, or accessories. Whether you prefer appliquéd, draped, printed, or embroidered florals, allow these pieces to bloom within your closet, adding a touch of nature’s elegance.

london fashion week trends
Photo: BORA AKSU (via Instagram)

London Fashion Week trends for Spring/Summer 2024 have been our fashion compass, guiding us through the intricate maze of style possibilities. By incorporating them into your wardrobe, you can embrace playful elegance, minimalist chic, or edgy sophistication. These trends, akin to puzzle pieces, interlock harmoniously to craft the fabric of your individual style. You assume the role of the conductor, creating a one-of-a-kind ensemble that resonates with your distinctive sensibilities.

Featured Image: LONDON FASHION WEEK (via Instagram)

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