Indulge In Your Next Craving At Tipple & Slaw Katipunan

Indulge In Your Next Craving At Tipple & Slaw Katipunan


Recently, there has been quite a buzz surrounding The Pop Up in Katipunan. The open-air mall is truly one of a kind, composed of container vans that include anything and everything under the sun, from a Korean grocery to clothing shops and a tattoo parlor. Of course, this place wouldn’t be complete without restaurants, both new and familiar, with one of these familiar places being Tipple & Slaw.

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Since opening their first branch in BGC five years ago, the group behind the resto bar felt it was time to expand their target market.”We were scouting for different locations in Manila and even in a few provinces such as Cebu. But when this opportunity was presented to us, we thought, why not?” says Chef Francis Lim of Tipple & Slaw.

Peeking Chicken Salad

Baked Oysters

There are two sides to Tipple & Slaw Katipunan: the first floor, which was designed to be a homey place where guest can comfortably dine, and the slightly more sleek and modern second floor, which can easily turn into your next favorite bar. “We were originally offered the second floor but we ended up getting the whole thing. We wanted a place where people can focus on their meals downstairs and head upstairs if they are in the mood for a drink,” shares Lim.

Shawarma Rice

Truffle Pizza

While their menu features a few dishes that they grew to be known for such as their Shawarma Rice (P220), everything else is completely new. Appetizers such as their Peeking Chicken Salad (P280), Baked Oysters (P295) and Mushroom and Caprese Toasts (P150 each), for example, will certainly tickle your appetite.

T-Bone Steak

They also have main dishes that will suit any type of eater, whether it be their T-Bone Steak (P1485), Peri-Peri Grilled Chicken (P285) or their Truffle Pizza (P480).

Once you’re satisfied with your meal, you can indulge yourself to one of their inventive cocktails. They have university inspired cocktails such as Archer’s Fizz, Blue Eagle’s Passion, Oblation Run and Beermosa (P100 each) to ignite your school spirit. Other favorites include their Katipunan Mule (P140) and Fishbowl (P999), with the latter being a drink meant for sharing.

From L-R: Archer’s Fizz, Katipunan Mule, Oblation Run, Blue Eagle’s Passion and Beermosa


With their vast food and beverage choices, Tipple & Slaw caters to anyone who simply wants to have a nice time–whether it be through a memorable meal or drinks with friends. “Students make up a lot of our market but they are only a part of it. Eventually, we want the community here to be the market, since most people have to go to places like BGC or Ortigas for something like this,” says Lim. “We simply wanted to bring what we have in BGC over here.”

Tipple & Slaw is located at The Pop Up Katipunan, Xavierville Corner Katipunan Avenue, Loyola Heights, Quezon City. For more information, follow them on Instagram and Facebook at @tippleandslawkatip.

Photography Kieran Punay of Studio 100
Art Direction Tanya Mallillin

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