Experience More Than Just Fashion With Jerome Ang

Experience More Than Just Fashion With Jerome Ang


For Jerome Ang, creating a collection goes beyond just design—it’s about the whole experience.

How much do we actually know about the creation of new collections? Seeing them walk down the runway gives us only the end product of long days and nights of hard work. But Jerome Ang gave us a sneak peak on everything he, as a designer, takes into consideration for a new creation. And sketches translated to fabrics isn’t all that there is.

Jerome’s designing process is a systematic discourse in different languages. The designer shares that he starts with a concept. Choosing a material isn’t a simple process for him as well. He has to know “the feel and touch of the material [and] how it translates to the actual garment.” But the course doesn’t end there. He also makes sure that it all comes down to proper styling. And for the final touch, Jerome incorporates his new collection with music as it saunters down the runway. Paying attention to the smallest detail, Jerome is to showcase his Holiday 2018 collection at the MEGA Fashion Week on October 4, 2018.

feature image from Manila Fashion Festival

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