Kaila Estrada, Maris Racal, and More Actresses to Watch Out For This 2024

Kaila Estrada, Maris Racal, and More Actresses to Watch Out For This 2024


Kaila, Maris, and more females stars will dominate next year with their acting abilities, and here’s how we see them doing it

This year, a number of actresses dominated the world of show business for their skills in front of the camera. In their own ways, they have proven themselves to have rightful thrones in the industry. Critics and audiences alike have spoken on their impact as artists, and we have also seen how far they can still go in their careers. Who are they, you ask? Enter: Kaila Estrada, Maris Racal, Daniela Stranner, Atasha Muhlach, and Xyriel Manabat

actresses to watch out for this 2024 kaila estrada maris racal

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In 2024, these are the names who will surely dominate the roles they will play on film and television. With that, here’s a lookback on their trending performances and what else we’re hoping to see from them. 

Kaila Estrada

Since her breakthrough performance as Raven in Viral Scandal, the 27-year-old actress has been proving her rightful place in show business. In her back-to-back roles as Sylvia and Bettina in Linlang and Can’t Buy Me Love, respectively, she showed her ability to showcase anger and spite in an effective manner. This coming year, it won’t hurt to see Kaila in lighter characters that will showcase her happier side. Although drama is a training ground for actors to test the waters, comedy is a good stepping stone to regulating one’s emotions, too. 

Maris Racal

Even inside the Pinoy Big Brother House, Maris already had the talent to make it big in the industry as a multifaceted artist. And when she got out of the house, she didn’t prove us wrong and even exceeded our expectations. This year alone, she starred in several roles that could attest to her versatility—Blesilda in Here Comes The Groom, Beanie in Marupok AF (Where Is The Lie?), Irene in Can’t Buy Me Love, and Sarah in Simula Sa Gitna.

While we are still enjoying her role as Irene, she already has a few projects lined for the next year as well. In the near future, we hope to see her as a leading lady in a Filipino adaptation of a series or film. Her micromovements that make her an effective actress do remind us of the way Korean stars focus on the little details of their acting to nail every scene. 

Daniela Stranner

In the new breed of stars who vye for the role of a protagonist, a few stand out and play a kontrabida role effectively. Case in point: Daniela Stranner. Of course, we love to hate her as Z from Senior High, and a number of viewers grit their teeth in anger for her effective portrayal of an abusive and taunting classmate. This 2024, we want Daniela to star in a film or series but with a twist. What if it’s her turn to be on the receiving end of the antagonists’ antics. It would be a challenge for her palaban persona created on screen, but wouldn’t it be nice to see her play another role for a change, just like her character Vilma on Love At First Stream?

Atasha Muhlach

Hosting, check. Singing, check. Acting should then be next in line for Atasha’s artist goals and we’re all waiting for it. To get her acting chops tried, tested, and trained, working with veterans is a key to make it happen. One thing is for sure, though. Everyone is surely keeping an eye out for Atasha’s next move. And truly, we’re all excited for how she is going to carve her path in the industry. 

Xyriel Manabat

Finally, we have Xyriel whose mata-mata acting, or effective eye acting, has had audiences on hook since she was Anna Manalastas from 100 Days to Heaven. As Tonet and Roxy from Dirty Linen and Senior High, respectively, we saw how she can channel a number of emotions seamlessly. Imagine a character whose portrayal of anger, bitterness, and hurt can move you through her dialogues and actions. That’s Xyriel for you. This coming year, it will be a good chance to give her something refreshing that fans of her age will appreciate, like a good story playing around the romantic-comedy genre. 


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