These Influencers' Style Staples Are Probably Hiding In Your Closet Right Now!

These Influencers' Style Staples Are Probably Hiding In Your Closet Right Now!


Kaila Estrada and Richard Juan probably have the most relatable style staples and we wish we knew about it earlier!

What comes into your mind when we talk about style staples? Well, apparently, there are two types of people who will answer this question. You’re either gonna be Kaila Estrada or Richard Juan. But combined, these influencers just dished out the most relatable styling must-haves that are probably just resting inside your closet.
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Cool and Casual

Kaila is everything chic and classy while still being completely adorable. And as any young lady like her, you probably also have a white buttondown and well-fitted jeans in your closet right now. It’s comfy and casual without sacrificing the smart look you’re aiming for!

And to top off any outfit, Kaila makes sure she always has a leather jacket in her closet! It will instantly elevate any look, making you look sharp real quick!

Easy and Comfy

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Richard has been serving us soft boyfriend looks since his debut in the industry. So it wasn’t so surprising that he mentioned accessories that one would easily have in their closet. For one, Richard loves his caps. Ball cap, bucket hats, sailor hats—name it and Richard has got to have it.

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If you follow him, you would also probably notice his love for white shoes. And we can’t blame him for it. White shoes are easy to pair with anything! Not to mention, they are really comfy and effortlessly stylish! Now his final answer got us laughing so hard but hey, he’s not wrong. Richard’s last style staple? A really comfy underwear.
Want to hear it from Kaila and Richard themselves? Check out the video below!

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