This is How Much Kathryn Bernardo Spent on Her New Constellation Piercings

This is How Much Kathryn Bernardo Spent on Her New Constellation Piercings


The picture of Kathryn Bernardo’s curated earrings by Maria Tash has been circulating around social media. We found out how much it cost and alternative places to get the same piercings.

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Kathryn Bernardo’s piercings are her pride and joy. The delicately placed piercings around her ears aren’t just random studs though, it was curated by professional body piercers, placed strategically according to her ear shape.

Curated earrings, otherwise known as constellation piercings, are a rising trend wherein you get multiple piercings arranged based on your ear shape. And recently, photos of Kathryn Bernardo’s piercings have reemerged on social media. Her photo was taken when she had her ears curated by Maria Tash last year in Dubai, in celebration of her movie, Hello, Love, Goodbye. She says that every piercing she gets is a representation of a milestone or achievement in her life.

Maria Tash is known for luxury piercings and fine jewelry. The earrings on Kathryn were estimated to be $5695 or P284,750–the service fee and tax not included yet.

We did a little digging of our own at Maria Tash’s website and saw the earrings Kathryn Bernardo was wearing.


Constellation piercing or curated earrings vary per person. Because every ear is different, you can’t just copy what one celebrity is doing with theirs. That’s why knowing where to get your ears pierced is vital to having a successful piercing. Professionals advise not to look for the easiest, quickest, or cheapest place to get yours done. Don’t try to bring your own jewelry, either! The curators should know and trust the manufacturer of the jewelry put on you. They see to it that it’s hypoallergenic, nickel-free, and ideal to wear as body jewelry.

But that also doesn’t mean that you have to fly to Dubai or America to get your constellation piercing done. In the Philippines, there are known body piercers trusted by celebrities and influencers alike. Here are some alternative body piercing artists where you can get a constellation piercing around and near the Metro.

Piercings by Ravana

Rachel Amestoso is a body piercing artist who has pierced the likes of Rei Germar and more. Bookings can be made on piercings.ravana, her Instagram account.

55 Tinta, Makati

As your lucky stars would have it, Oskie Esguerra pierces Kathryn Bernardo. Located in Poblacion Makati, you can get your constellation piercing done here, too.

Photo from @ozzyoskie on Instagram

Vimana Tattoo

Chie Filomeno got her double lobe piercings done by Zack from Vimana Piercings. Vimana Tattoo is located at Tomas Morato, Quezon City.

Photo from @vimana_tattoo on Instagram

Arte Tattoo

Debbie Then got her piercings curated by Argel Delos Santos of Arte Tattoo. Find artetattooph in Poblacion Makati and look for Argel to get your constellation piercing done.

Photo from @artetattooph on Instagram
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