Kathryn Bernardo Teaches Us How to Cozy Up Our Wardrobe

Kathryn Bernardo Teaches Us How to Cozy Up Our Wardrobe


Curating relaxed pieces like Kathryn is one of the easiest ways to lighten up any booked and busy day through style

Even on her downtime, Kathryn Bernardo is always on-the-go. Fresh from wrapping up her taping for A Very Good Girl, she hopped on to Baguio then Bali for back-to-back wedding celebrations and a quick trip with her friends. 

But after more than two decades in the industry, she has managed to balance her work-life schedule. One of the ways she does it? Through fashion, of course!

Kath Bernardo cozy fashion

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We’ve rounded up cozy and versatile pieces from the actress that we can incorporate in our own fashion, just in time for our sunny and rainy weather switch this season. 

Layering the day with haori

Having been fond of all things Japan, the superstar has made it to a point to bring this love even to her style. The silhouette of the country’s street style incorporates oversized pieces, and the actress does the same with her matching haori and pants for her skincare day. 

Kathryn Bernardo cozy fashion

Combatting the season with boots

Rain or shine, going out and about won’t be a problem with some trusty combat boots. Besides getting them for practical reasons due to their durability, they do add edge and chunk to your style. 

Kathryn Bernardo cozy fashion

Easing change with a button down

We can’t trust the erratic weather these days, but we can easily go along with the changes through our trusty button-down. Just like Kath, we can use the top as a cover up with an inner bralette, then button it up when it gets chilly. 

Kathryn Bernardo cozy fashion

Keeping structure with the blazer

For work or play, going for a structured blazer is the way. The outerwear used to be attributed to serious appointments then, but it has now become an all-around clothing piece for any style, occasion, and purpose.

Kathryn Bernardo cozy fashion

Just like Kathryn, tone down the formality of the broad-shouldered outerwear by opting for a plain white tee or some tattered shorts for that casual contrast. 

Photos: KATHRYN BERNARDO (via Instagram)

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